Dike Family
Business Records, 1804-1881

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Historical Note:

James Dike of Dudley, Connecticut, moved to Thompson, Connecticut, in 1740, after buying land from his father-in-law, Samuel Narramore. The family stayed in the area for generations, involving themselves in all aspects of the growth of the town. During the 1820s, a number of manufacturing concerns sprung up around the junction of the Quinebaug and French Rivers. During that decade, Thomas and James Dike retained part ownership in a three story woolen mill, a saw mill, and homes for operatives. By the 1850s, Thompson was a prosperous town with the largest population in Windham (later Pomfret) County.

Scope and Content:

Collection contains day books, ledgers, accounts, and bills for George, Thomas, Polly and Samuel Dike. The bulk of the collection concerns George Dike. Majority of entries are for agricultural labor and products and providing transportation to surrounding towns.

Vol. 1 - Ledger, Samuel Dike, August 1804-March 1837. Ledger contains an alphabetical index on first and second pages. Individual accounts include Silas Stockwell, Widow Bixby, John Keith, Moses Bixby, Lydia Dike, Isaac Davis, Charles Cady, James Wilson, Ezekel Rhoads, Joseph Green, Joseph Dike, Ebenezer Green, Amos Cutler, Jacob Bixby, Jonathan Converse, Captain Carroll, Israel Stockwell.

Vol. 2 - Day Book, Thomas Dike, September 1827-March 1829. Daybook contains the entries which include: Thomas Brown, Joseph Richardson, John Nicholas, Amy Ballard, George Bixby, Stephen Harrington, James Bugaboo, Amy Ballou, Abel Jacobs, Joseph Vicous, William Seavers, Erastus Knight.

Vol. 3 - Ledger, "No.1", November 1833-March 1839. Ledger contains accounts for Ezru Parker, John G. Morse, Erastus Bates, David Wilson, George Bixby, Thomas Dike, Baxter Wood, Albert Whipple, H. N. Rhodes, Simon Davis, Goodell & Budlong, Edward Lippitt, Simon Davis, Ebenezer Elliott, Oliver Goodell & Company, Vernon Stiles, Charles Brown, Thompson Bank, Isaac Mills, Harvey Davis. Separate accounts, 1838-1845, inserted at back of volume include house, grain and James Hill accounts.

Vol. 4 - Ledger, George Dike, January 1839-April 1844. Ledger contains accounts for Hezahiah Cady, Reverend Daniel Dow, Stephen Shumway, Edward Shaw, Walter Bates, Erastus Knight, Comfort Star, Stockwell & Carroll, Stephen Lewis, Erastus Sumner, Haley Bixby, Isaac Mills. Separate page of account for Stephen Shumway .

Vol. 5 - Ledger, George Dike, May 1844-March 1851. Ledger contains accounts for Erastus Knight, Harvey Davis, Stephen Shumway, Simon Davis, William Curtis, Ira Wood, Danforth Kinney, Abner Davis, Prudence Taylor, Jeremiah Olney, Obadiah stone, Hartley Goodell, James Hill, Samuel Robbins, Simeon Brown, Rufus Coburn, William Tinney, Nathaniel Mills, Nathan Williams, Silvester Stone, Abner Perry, Whitman Jacobs, Andrew Baldwin, and Nelson Aldrich. Separate accounts, 1846-1849, inserted in volume.

Vol. 6 - Ledger, George Dike, April 1851-March 1858. Ledger contains accounts for Joseph D. Jacobs, Nathaniel Mills, Jonathan Porter, Clemens & Co., Liberty Lamb & Co., Mary Bixby, Silas Lewis, James Cruff, Stephen Lewis, Rowland Mills, Allen Bixby, Caleb Hall, Erastus Blackman, Ashley Mills, Andrew Dunning, Erastus Knight, Mary L. Holman, Hannah Buckminster, Samuel Robbins, Joseph Jacobs, Shumway & Alton, Nelson Aldrich, Allen Bixby, Andrew Baldwin, Franklin Brown and James Cranston. Names of Assessors, Grand Jurors, Select Men pasted on inside cover. Separate material included in volume: calculations, demand notes, accounts, Whig Ticket, letter to Hosea Edmunds regarding pension.

Vol. 7 - Ledger, August 1849-October 1853. Ledger contains accounts for Lawson Snow, Hannah Robinson, Franklin Snow, District No. 6, John Shumway, Pearson Tourtelott, Liberty Lamb & Co., Abner Perry, Amos Shumway, Town of Thompson, Elisha Sayles, Welcome Daily, Harvey Bartlett, Prudence Taylor, Simeon Burrill, Frederick Larned, Silas Lewis, Erastus Blackmar and Otis Dexter. List of cattle owned included in volume.

Vol. 8 - Ledger, Welcome Daily, April-September 1851. Ledger contains accounts for Welcome Daily; list of cattle owned on last page.

Vol. 9 - Account, George Dike with L. Lamb Jr. & Co., January 1854-August 1855. Ledger accounts, September 1855-September 1859 also included. Account names mentioned include Joseph Cutler, Erastus Knight, Estate of Hannah Robinson, Prudence Taylor, Dr. D. A. Fox, Mr. Carpenter, Amasa Fisher, George Shaw and Ashley Mills.

Vol. 10 - Ledger, George Dike, December 1855-April 1866. Ledger includes accounts for Edward Shaw, Liberty Lamb & Co., Nathaniel Mills, Dr. D. A. Fox, A. B. Baldwin & Co., Prudence Taylor, Betsey Phipps, Munroe Nichols, Hannah Davis, Snow & Morgan, James D. Tourtelott, Lawson Snow, Sayles & Cook, Mrs. J. N. Grainger, William Arnold, Thompson Bank, Henry Bixby, George Clapp, and Josiah Lamb. First three pages contain cost of postage and newspapers.

Vol. 11 - Ledger, George Dike, April 1858-March 1860. Ledger contains accounts for Isaac Sherman & Co., William Arnold, Thomas Sayles & Co. and Carpenter & Co.

Vol. 12 - Ledger, May 1858-November 1861. Ledger includes accounts of which the bulk is for the Town of Thompson, teacher examinations at Center District, Pond District, and Jacobs School. Other accounts included are for James M. Willson, Henry Parker, Edward Shaw, Erastus Knight and Marion Elliott.

Vol. 13 - "Mr. George Dike in Account with S. Slater & Sons", May 1870-1874. Volume includes a list of farm produce, provisions, and other items.

Vol. 14 - "Mr. Geo. Dike with Sayles & Chase, Dealer in Fine Groceries…", February 1875-December 1876. Volume contains a variety of goods and provisions purchased.

Vol. 15 - "Farm Account…", April 1878-September 1881. Volumes contains income and expenses for farm produce, provisions and labor.

Box 16 - Accounts and bills for Samuel, Thomas, Polly, W. D. and George Dike, 1804-1873. Box includes receipts for Thomas and George Dike, 1832-1858.

Provenance : Gift of Elizabeth A. Dike, 1946.

Amount: 15 volumes, 1 box.

Container List:
Vol. 1 Ledger (Samuel Dike), August 1804-March 1837
Vol. 2Day Book (Thomas Dike), September 1827-March 1829
Vol. 3 Ledger "No.1", November 1833-March 1839
Vol. 4 Ledger (George Dike), January 1839-April 1844
Vol. 5 Ledger (George Dike), May 1844-March 1851
Vol. 6 Ledger (George Dike), April 1851-March 1858
Vol. 7 Ledger, August 1849-October 1853
Vol. 8Ledger (Welcome Daily), April-September 1851
Vol. 9 Accounts (Geo. Dike with L. Lamb Jr. & Co.), January 1854-August 1855
Vol. 10 Ledger (George Dike) December 1855-April 1866
Vol. 11 Ledger (George Dike), April 1858-March 1860
Vol. 12 Ledger, May 1858-November 1861
Vol. 13 Accounts (George Dike with S. Slater & Sons), May 1870-1874
Vol. 14 Accounts (George Dike with Sayles & Chase), February 1875-December 1876
Vol. 15Farm Account, April 1878-September 1881
B. 16f.1Samuel Dike Accounts, 1804-1817
f.2Samuel, Polly, Thomas, W. D. Dike Account, 1820-1829
f.3Polly, Thomas, George Dike Accounts, 1830-1839
f.4George Dike Accounts, 1840-1844
f.5George Dike Accounts, 1845-1849
f.6George Dike Accounts, 1850-1859
f.7George Dike Accounts, 1860-1869
f.8George Dike Accounts, 1870-1873
f.9Thomas and George Dike Receipts, 1832-1858