David Collin
Ledger, 1770-1813

Mss: 641

Historical Note:

David Collin was a farmer and shoemaker in Amenia, New York.

Scope and Content:

The collection consists of a handmade leather volume containing amounts received and paid out for each individual with whom Collin had a business relationship. The majority of entries documents custom shoemaking for individuals and families, but farm chores, weaving and agricultural products are mentioned as well. Individuals represented in the ledger are Samuel Rowe, Benjamin Tomlinson, David Buttels, Grover Bessel, William King, Jr., Benjamin Crispin, Isaiah Golding, Amos Evens, Stephen Lewe, John Freman, Thaddeus Gilbert, Noah and Seth Hodgkins, Jacob Wood, Benjamin Morse, Reuben Moses and John Cornwall.

Provenance : Gift of Mary R. Woodward

Amount: 1 volume