Daniel Bachelder
Records, 1838-1869

Mss: 77

Historical Note:

Daniel Bachelder owned a general store in Allenstown, New Hampshire during the 1830s through the 1850s. According to his accounts, he carried goods common to such enterprises. In addition, he sold large amounts of calfskins as well as ordering molasses barrels and fish barrels manufactured to his specifications.

Scope and Content:

This collection contains nine day books and two ledgers belonging to Daniel Bachelder of Allenstown, New Hampshire. The ledgers cover the period 1838 to 1858 and are labeled as "Ledger No. 5" and "Ledger No. 6". The day books begin in 1847 with "No. 16" and end in 1869 with "No. 26". The are many gaps between 1847 and 1869. The ledgers show entries of charges of sundries against the various customers with credits of both cash and merchandise, produce and labor. In several of the day books appear statements of calfskins, bought at the store and sold when large quantities had been collected.

Provenance : Purchase, 1927

Amount: 11 volumes

Container List:
Vol. 1 Day Book, 1847-1850
Vol. 2 Day Book, 1850-1852
Vol. 3 Day Book, 1852-1853
Vol. 4 Day Book, 1853-1855
Vol. 5 Day Book, 1857-1860
Vol. 6 Day Book, 1862-1864
Vol. 7 Day Book, 1864-1865
Vol. 8 Day Book, 1865-1867
Vol. 9 Day Book, 1867-1869
Vol. 10 Ledger, 1838-1846
Vol. 11 Ledger, 1846-1858