Joseph Cobb/George Deake
Account Book 1755-1756, 1779-1788

Mss: 1
1755-1756, 1779-1788

Historical Note:

Joseph Cobb lived in Falmouth, Maine in the 1750s. He engaged in a variety of farm labor for hire and sold products such as turnips. In exchange, Cobb received rum, corn, molasses or farm labor.

George Deake, a resident of Cape Elizabeth, Maine, lived in the area during the 1780s. He farmed his land while his wife provided schooling to children in the area. In addition to plowing fields, sawing wood, and pasturing cows for others, Deake surveyed land, wrote deeds and attended court sessions.

Scope and Content:

This collection contains one volume probably used by many people over the years. The inside cover states "John Robinson's Book, April 11, 1751". However, the pages containing Robinson's accounts were removed. Consequently, accounts for George Deake, 1779-1788, begin the volume. Accounts include William Davis, Captain Covet, John Emery, James Dyer, Francis Webster, Robert York, Daniel Sawyer, Israel Woodbury and Jonathan Sawyer.

When the volume is turned and opened from the other side, the inside cover reads "Joseph Cobb His Book December 20, 1755". Many of the entries are covered with articles clipped from newspapers; however, about half remain uncovered. Accounts included Captain Joseph Robinson, James Webber, Joseph Marner, William Cressey, Oliver Bowley. Pencil notations are scattered throughout volume.

Provenance : Purchase, 1958.

Amount: 1 volume