Epaphras B. Chase
Records, 1833-1860

Mss: 77

Historical Note:

Epaphras Bull Chase, son of Moses and Deborah (Bull) Chase, was born 1800 in Bradford, Vermont. His father, Moses Chase, graduated from Dartmouth College in 1797, read law and practiced in both Calais, Maine and Bradford, Vermont. As the oldest of nine children, Epaphras became somewhat of an entrepreneur as he owned a store in Lyndon, Vermont by age nineteen. In addition, he traded in corn, hogs, sheep and cattle and soon acquired an interest in a second store located in a neighboring town. He was instrumental in the establishment of a bank in Newbury, Vermont. In 1848, Chase contracted with six other men to set up a stage line from Lyndon to Lebanon, New Hampshire. In 1850, Chase and a partner, A. P. Balch, bought out the other stage line owners and undertook an extension of the Connecticut and Passumpsic Rivers Railroad which followed the stage route.

Epaphras Chase married Louisa Baldwin in the 1820s. The couple had seven children including: (1) Henry, b. October 10, 1827, d. February 12, 1904 in Calais, Maine; (2) Charles; (3) Charlotte; (4) Emily; (5) Adaline; (6) Mary; and (7) Martha. Chase was prosperous enough to send Henry to Yale and eventually to Harvard Law School while his daughter, Martha, attended Miss Aiken's Seminary in Stamford, Connecticut. Henry worked as an attorney in Vermont and later in Illinois, but eventually returned to Vermont to run Lyndon Academy with his sister. Epaphras B. Chase died September 10, 1867 in Lyndon, VT.

Scope and Content:

The collection consists of five volumes pertaining to E. B. Chase's various business interests from 1833-1860. Description as follows:

Vol. 1 - Ledger, 1833-1860. The ledger includes mainly farm and store accounts for Otis Evens, Abraham Houghton, Theodore L. Tripp, Alvin Flint, Ira Williams, Jonathan Weeks, Samuel Park, Joel Harvey, Jonathan Leach, Stephen Crane, Dan Smith, Daniel Moulton, Ebenezer Damon, Job Randall, Joseph Sweetser, Winslow Farr, Jonathan Dow, Jason Hall, Osborn Davis, James Roberts, James R. Williams, Bunker G. Hubbard, Lucius Denison, John M. Weeks, Caleb M. Dyer, Charles B. Fletcher, Dudley P. Hall, Catherine Ayer, Ada Chase, Lewis R. Brown, Bela S .Hastings and others.

Vol. 2 - Index, 1833-1860. There is an alphabetical index to Volume 1.

Vol. 3 - Ledger, 1854-1856. The ledger accounts for a variety of wholesale goods purchased from Raymond H. Emmons, Baldwin & Stone, Wadsworth Nye & Crocker, Butler Keith & Hill, Tower Davis, Porter & Simmons, Frederick H. Benson, Manning Glover & Co., John McGregor, Jones & Farley, George Parker, Pierce Clark & Co., Pierce Brothers & Flanders, Whiton Train & Company, Bank of Lyndon, Hall & Cornell, and others. The last four pages of the volume contain E. B. Chase's personal account.

Vol. 4 - "E.B. Chase's Book", March 1833-January 1840. Included are chronological accounts of farm and barter accounts with special emphasis on the sale of livestock. Entries include date, name of individual, description of transaction, and amount charged.

Vol.5 - Memorandum Book, November 1838-November 1843. Included are chronological entries noting weather, work done on farm, start and end dates of hired farm help, community happenings, social events and family activities. It is possible that the collection included letters, memoranda, insurance policies, contracts, receipts, deeds, printed material, bills and legal papers at the time of the gift.

Provenance : Gift of Florence Chase, 1929.

Amount: 5 volumes

Container List:
Vol. 1 Ledger, 1833-1860
Vol. 2 Index, 1833-1860
Vol. 3 Ledger, 1854-1856
Vol. 4 "E.B. Chase's Book", March 1833-January 1840
Vol. 5 Memorandum Book, November 1838-November 1843

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