James Philbrook and G. Washington Chaplin
Records, 1794-1796, 1826-1842

Mss: 1
1794-1796; 1826-1842

Historical Note:

James Philbrook, a descendent of Thomas Philbrick of England who settled in Watertown, Massachusetts in 1630, farmed near Rutland, Vermont. James charged for plowing, spinning, raking, and cutting wood. He also sold butter for purchasing tea, sugar, leather for shoes, wheat, corn, beans and cider.

Although G[eorge] Washington Chaplin of Pittsfort, VT engaged in agricultural pursuits, he also presided over at least two singing schools in neighboring communities during the 1830s. The first he began in 1830; the second, West Clarindon Singing School in the Northeast District, opened in 1832 and lasted one year. During the same decade, Chaplin engaged in selling farm labor and products as well as hiring out his horses and wagons for transportation to the nearby towns of Shrewsbury and Rutland, Vermont. By the 1840s, however, Chaplin's growing preoccupation with civil and political pursuits caused him to increasingly hire men to work his farm. He was especially concerned with local education, transportation issues and state elections.

Scope and Content:

Collection consists of one volume with accounts of James Philbrook across the top of the pages and accounts with the ledger and memorandum of George Washington Chaplin filling blank spots on pp. 1-21. Commencing on page 22 are Mr. Chaplin's accounts. The last two pages of the volume give accounts of James Philbrook's butter accounts. Details are as follows:

James Philbook, 1795-1796, includes accounts Jonathan Cady, Nathan Sherwin, Jonathan French, Alpheus Morse, William Clark and William Howard for farm labor charges and the purchase of sundries.

G. Washington Chaplin, 1826-1842 includes accounts for Lemuel Smith, Soloman and Philip Whitney, William Chapman, William Crossman, Hawkins Hunt, Timothy Mossman, Francis Parker, Jonathan Bowman, Asu Chaplin, Moses Chaplin, Joseph Willard, Jonathan Parker (shopkeeper), Darwin Aldrich, Abel Willoughby, Nathan Smith, Thomas W. Cheney, David B. Johnson, Daniel Smith, Hannibal Parker, Nathan Locke and George Fish. Accounts mention court fees, the Vermont Statesman, writs, the mailing of "Letters to Editor" of the Watchman, Windsor County bridge money, West Clarendon Singing School, and other district schools.

Amount: 1 volume