Nathaniel Brintnall/Knight Day
Ledger/Daybook, 1804-1847

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Historical Note:

Nathaniel Brintnall, a farmer living in Mansfield, Massachusetts, married Easter (Brintnall) June 4, 1781. He died at the age of eighty on November 20, 1827.

Knight Day, the son of Captain Samuel and Sally (Bates) Day of Mansfield, MA, owned a general store in town and belonged to the Mansfield Temperance Society. In addition, Day provided timber to various individuals and sewed braid for bonnets as well as weaving tuscan. The latter services suggest the possibility of involvement with a palm leaf hat business. Day married Martha Grove, another Mansfield native, on December 30, 1824.

Scope and Content:

Collection contains one volume which includes ledger entries for Nathaniel Brintnall, (1804-1820) and Knight Day (1831-1847). Nathaniel Brintnall's entries run along the top of the pages and Knight Day's entries begin below Brintnall's. The constitution of the Mansfield Temperance Society (April 13, 1832) is located on last four pages of volume. It includes a list of subscribers.

The farming accounts for Nathaniel Brintnall contain entries for agricultural products and farm labor used in exchange for coopering, chopping wood, and clearing fields with residents of the area including David White, Knight Day, Obadiah Brintnall, Richard Everett, Abraham Crowley, David Grover, Jr., Eli Hawes, David Skinner, Dr. Roland Green, Moses Cutting, Robert Shepard, John Miller, Anson Brown, Simeon Grover, Job Brintnall and Jacob Grover.

The entries for Knight Day reveal the daily sales of his store as well as the services he buys for the business and his personal use. Accounts include John Corey, Joseph Lane, Robert Grover, Charles Simpson, George Grover, Eli White and Reuben White.

Provenance : Purchase, 1972.

Amount: 1 volume