Boyd & Hanson
Records, 1822-1868

Mss: 557

Historical Note:

In 1838, David Boyd and Gardner Hanson opened a rigging loft in Portland, Maine. Employed as riggers for James Wylie, the two men joined together to provide the same services to Wylie's customers as well as seek new business. After the formation of the partnership, Hanson and Boyd continued to engage in the exacting and dangerous physical work required of a rigger, with Boyd adding accounting to his duties.

Maine, a center for shipbuilding during the nineteenth century, supported a variety of yards, builders and craftsmen throughout the state. Boyd and Hanson worked with the principal owners or on contract to install rigging after a vessel was framed and built, and the masts were completed. In addition to rigging, Boyd and Hanson employed men to load and unload ships as well as aid in commercial construction in Portland and surrounding towns.

Scope and Content:

This collection contains fourteen volumes of financial records including day books, memorandum books, cash books and ledgers. Volumes from 1822-1838 contain information on James Wylie's rigging loft while the remainder hold financial accounts for Boyd and Hanson. Contents include:

Volume 1- Memorandum Book, June 2, 1822-December 31, 1824-- James Wylie, first two pages used as scrapbook during the 1830s; remainder contains worker's names and job descriptions; includes work for Captains Badger, Lambert and Joel Chandler. Vessels named include brigs Virginia, Lion, Amazon; sloop Hero and bark Columbus.

Volume 2- Memorandum Book, July 4, 1823-1838, James Wylie/Boyd & Hanson, dimensions of masts and spars; 1824-1869, names of accounts and amount paid by date; 1829-1844, costs of supplies and wages. Vessels named include brigs Edward, William, Ontario.

Volume 3- Memorandum Book, March 5, 1825-April 16, 1830- James Wylie, names of laborers, amount of time worked, job description. Vessels named include brigs Columbus, Lagonia, Angela, Farnsworth, Globe, John & Edward, Freighter; schooner Spencer.

Volume 4- Day Book, March 30, 1835-October 17, 1840- James Wylie/Boyd and Hanson, names of laborers, amount of time worked, job description. Vessels named include brigs Aladdin, Franklin, Mary Cutter, Leo, America, Forest, Ann, Clio, Washington; schooners Morning Star, Ellen, Active; bark William Smith.

Volume 5- Memorandum Book, September 1838-September 1844-Boyd and Hanson, dimensions of vessels by owner, rarely by name of vessel. Contains references to Captains Pettingill, Rufus Soule, Blake, Rose, Fullterton, Spencer, Joshua White. Customers include Churchhill and Carter, John H. Perkins, Albert Stevens. Also ship America.

Volume 6-Memorandum Book, April 1844-October 1849-Boyd and Hanson, dimensions of vessels by owner. Includes references to Captains Pardon, John Waite Timothy Batchelder, H. L. Soule and Mr. Dyer, Daniel Lord. Also ship Warren.

Volume 7-Vessel Book, September 1838-June 1845-Boyd and Hanson, name of vessel, amount charged, duties performed on bark Astoria, schooners Helen, Alert, Julia; brigs George, Sebago, Cyrus, Champion, Albert Jewett, Centurion, Gazette; ship Rose.

Volume 8-Vessel Book, March 8, 1845-December 28, 1850-Boyd and Hanson, name of vessel, amount charged, duties performed on brigs Plato, Motto, Burnham, Ariel, Ruth, Henrietta; barks Octavia, Condor; schooner John Frederick, Richard Rush.

Volume 9-Memorandum Book, September 1854-1861, Boyd and Hanson, dimensions of vessels by owner's name, a few named vessels. Included are E. Donnell, Captains Blanchard and Davis, G. C. Bliss, Pennell & Brothers, J.S. and A. Dyer, Charles Cushing; ships Ocean Spray, Lincoln.

Volume 10-Ledger, 1848-1849, Boyd & Hanson, first four pages only with accounts for Williams & McLellan, James. L. Farmer, Daniel W. Lord, brig Montrose. Remainder of volume is daybook, June 1854-November 3, 1855, containing worker's names, hours worked, job description. Vessels include brigs Thomas, Young Republic, Harriet; barks Merriman, Maria, Bliss, Kelley; schooner Cambridge; ships Young Sam, Dyer, Melcher, Goodrich; steamer Caladonia. Reference is made to work done on railroads.

Volume 11-Vessel Day Book, January 1854-February 4, 1857, Boyd & Hanson, work on barks Octavia, Nathan W. Bridge, Diligence, Jupiter, Jubilee; ship Hungarian; steamer Atlantic; schooner Ann, Rosana, Echo. Also for Hersey Fletcher & Company, Portland Gas Company.

Volume 12-Cash Book, May 14, 1853-May 1860-Boyd & Hanson, amounts paid and received.

Volume 13-Ledger, November 1855-December 1862-Boyd & Hanson, name of laborers, amount of hours worked, job description for schooners Scarlett, Rosana; brigs Elmira, Mechanic, Tom Connor; gunboat Kineo; barks Sarah, William Wood, Mary, Emma, Holbrook, Turner & Fitts; ships Harvest, Ann.

Volume 14-Day Book, 1865-1868-Boyd & Hanson, name of laborers, amount of hours worked, job description for barks Josephine, John Peason, Brunswick; brigs Martha Berry, George Amos, Ella Maria, Kennebunk, Uncle Jarry; schooner Lookout. Memorandum attached to back cover dated 1873.

Provenance : Gift of Charles H. Taylor

Amount: 14 volumes

Container List:

Vol. 1. Memorandum Book, 1822-1824 [James Wylie]
Vol. 2. Memorandum Book, 1823-1838 [James Wylie]
Vol. 3. Memorandum Book, 1825-1830 [James Wylie]
Vol. 4. Day Book, 1835-1840 [James Wylie/Boyd and Hanson]
Vol. 5. Memorandum Book, 1838-1844 [Boyd and Hanson]
Vol. 6. Memorandum Book, 1844-1849 [Boyd and Hanson]
Vol. 7. Vessel Book, 1838-1845 [Boyd and Hanson]
Vol. 8. Vessel Book, 1845-1850 [Boyd and Hanson]
Vol. 9. Memorandum Book, 1854-1861 [Boyd and Hanson]
Vol. 10. Ledger, 1848-1849/Daybook, 1854-1855 [Boyd and Hanson]
Vol. 11. Vessel Book, 1854-1857 [Boyd and Hanson]
Vol. 12. Cash Book, 1853-1860 [Boyd and Hanson]
Vol. 13. Ledger, 1855-1862 [Boyd and Hanson]
Vol. 14. Day Book, 1865-1868 [Boyd and Hanson]