Elijah Boardman
Ledger, 1831-1858

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Historical Note:

Elijah Boardman, son of Timothy and Mary (Ward) Boardman, was born March 9, 1792 in West Rutland, Vermont. With his father, a deacon of the Congregational Church, Elijah and his brothers Timothy, Samuel and Charles gained far more education than most of their generation. Following in his father's footsteps, Elijah became a Congregational deacon. In addition to tending to spiritual duties, Deacon Boardman maintained a working farm which sustained his own family as well as provide for items to be traded. These items include sale of potatoes, vinegar, mittens, sheep skins, port, oats, hay, mutton, beef, veal, salt, straw, calfskin, apples, milk and cheese. He also lent money in various amounts and provided mortgage money. Deacon Boardman sought services such as blacksmithing, harrowing, mowing, mending, thrashing, carting, shearing, gravedigging, sawing wood, carpentry, masonry as well as general farm labor.

Elijah married Mary Foote on October 15, 1815, and the couple had six children. Deacon Boardman died September 24, 1873 in West Rutland, Vermont.

Scope and Content:

This collection consists of loose pages of a ledger dating from 1831-1858. Reference is made to an earlier volume belonging his father, Deacon Timothy Boardman and suggest accounts are being continued in this ledger. Accounts contain items and/or services received by Elijah Boardman as well as items and/or services which Boardman provided to the same individual. Most services were bartered. Deacon Boardman usually exchanged agricultural products, livestock or farm labor for goods or services. Occasionally there is mention of his charitable donations to Seaman's Friends Society and Education Society. Entries for his son, Horace, consist of money sent to the boy while at college, 1852-1854, in Manchester.

Accounts include Fowsley Gookin, Timothy Boardman (brother), Benjamin Bateman (blacksmith), Henry Winchell (shoemaker) , Henry Johnson, Thomas H. Hitchcock (blacksmith) , Sherman Stewart (shoemaker), G. A King, William F. Barnes, Jacob A. Bailey (carpenter), Philaman Stewart, Notes Given to Different Persons, Levi Boardman, Martha Boardman, Lorenzo Sheldon (doctor), R. A. Kilburn (shoemaker), S. P. Deland, Joseph Pearson, Charles G. Boardman (brother), Samuel W. Boardman (brother), Daniel Kelly, Rodney Abbot, Thomas Hale, Lucius Campbell, Cash Received From Different Persons, Daniel Dimick, Mason Goodrich (blacksmith), William M. Boardman, Daniel Smith, William Gookin, George Graves, William A. Clemant (blacksmith/wheelwright), Silas Pratt, Abner Fenn, N. R. Whitney, Joel Lockland, Artimas Ward, Moses Curtis, Alonzo Gorham, Gersham Cheny, Sylvester Blodget, Robert Barney, Horace Bateman, "Irishman", James L. Gilmore, Luther Daniels (storekeeper/banker), Barrett & Son, Clement & Liscomb, James Graham, Dennis Smith, James Foley, Sheldons Morgan & Slason, Liscomb & Osgood, Mead & Bogue, Martha J. Foot, Horace Boardman (son ) and William H. Hall.

Note: Originally part of the Bryant & Sturgis collection

Provenance : Transferred from Harvard College Library, 1932

Amount: 1 box