William Bement
Northumberland, New York
Records, 1840-1853

Mss: 1

Historical Note:

In 1840, William Bement and his wife, Cornelia, moved to Pleasant Hill Farm, Northumberland, New York. After building a house and engaging in farm work for a few years, Bement apparently opened a general store which lasted until 1844. In 1845, Bement continued in retailing under the partnership of Bement and Shaw. The men opened a store in Schuylerville, NY.

Scope and Content:

Collection consists of one volume containing a variety of information about the various business ventures of William Bement. Pages 1-75 contain diary entries about "doings at Pleasant Hill Farm" including house building, farm activities, social and leisure functions, dating from 1840-1842. Immediately after the diary entries begins an index to a general store ledger from 1842-1844. The Schuylerville store accounts of Bement and Shaw follow for September 1846. Further in the book is an abstract of title for property on Bement Avenue, Castleton, Richmond County, New York, dating from 1803-1853. Last page of the volume lists crops planted in 1840 and 1841.

The back of the volume lists recipes for various remedies and solutions including: Crandall Salve ("good for curing sores and wounds of almost every description"); King of Oil ("good for the cure of wounds and sores on horses and cattle"); Ink; Celebrated Eye Wash; Black & Blue Black Ink; Paregoric Elixir; Liquid Opodildoc; British Oil; Oil of Spike; Blue Ink; and Hive Syrup ("good for whooping cough, croup, colds, affections of the lungs, attending the measles...").

Provenance : Gift of Buckner Speed, 1947.

Amount: 1 volume