Nathaniel, William, and Solomon Bartlett
Account Books, 1704-1865

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Historical Note:

Nathaniel Bartlett of Westhampton, Massachusetts provided pasturing, carting, and horses to others, as well as tailoring coats, shirts and trousers. He also wove cloth and fashioned leather breeches and buckles to provide for his family. He had seven children.

His son, William, married in 1752, apparently did not follow his father in the tailoring business. He earned his living by providing services such as plowing, mowing and carting, hiring horses, selling cordwood, apples, cider, pork and beef. He had 8 children.

William's son, Solomon, lists services as a selectman to the town of Westhampton. He attended meetings, served warrants as well as supported less fortunate citizens with foodstuffs. He also sold potatoes, pork, eggs, cider, apples and was paid for his labor in a variety of farming chores.

Scope and Content:

This collection consists of two ledgers containing accounts for three generations of the Bartlett family of Westhampton, Massachusetts. Entries contain the names of individuals, services or goods supplied and amounts charged. In addition to these entries, there are occasional memorandums which include names and birth dates of children born to William and William, Jr. and a copy of a 1755 will attributed to Nathaniel Bartlett. A notation on the inside of one of the ledger's covers states that these volumes were in the possession of Mrs. Grace Edwards Putnam of Hanover, New Hampshire (formerly of Westhampton, Massachusetts). The notation further states "these books have always been at the home of Frances Edwards, Westhampton".

Volume 1, 1704-1800, lists some of the farm products sold which included beef, rye, wheat, honey, metheglin (a drink made from honey and water), and cider. Also included are weaving linens and blankets, and the sale of fox and wolf skins. The bulk of items mentioned is for tailored garments. Individuals with accounts include Nathan Lyman, Samuel Judd, John Pomeroy, John Pason, Benjamin Bartlett, James Higgins; Abner Lyman, Preserved Clap, Roger Clap, Captain James Lyman, Joseph Lyman, Samuel Clap, Nathaniel Edwards, Samuel Mather, John Clap, John Miller, David Burt, Ebenzer Clark, Jonathan Clap, Samuel Pomeroy, Caleb Strong , Jonathan Strong, Aaron Miller, Josiah Pason, Moses Lyman, Seth Pomeroy, Jonathan Edwards, Jonathan Rust, Jacob Mallory, Nathaniel Phelps, Timothy Parson, David Clark, Daniel Kingsley. Finally, the volume includes a memorandum of William's marriage and birth of children, and the will of Nathaniel Bartlett.

Volume 2, 1790-1865, lists farm products which include apples, cider, cider wine, vinegar, brandy, calfskin, sheepskin, honey, and metheglin. Labor includes pasturing, carting, repairing a schoolhouse, and the work done as a selectman for the town of Westhampton. Individuals with accounts include Abner Barnard, Cornelius Bartlett, Elihu Bartlett, Martha Parson, Ebenezer Higgin, Elisha Clap, Thomas Lyman, Phineus Bartlett, Noah Strong, Reuben Coates, John Gay, Samuel Armsbury, Chester Bartlett, James Lyman, Chester Strong, Elihu Brown, William Axdell, Joseph Lyman, Thaddeus Clark, Jared Bartlett, Samuel Gidings, Gideon Pomeroy, Abner Miller, Noah Bartlett, George A. Watts, Luther Gorham, Town of Westhampton, Roswell Gaylord, James Wood and Samuel Wright.

NOTE: microfilm available for Vol. 1 (Film number: 853960)

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Amount: 2 volumes

Container List:
Vol. 1 Account Book, 1704-1800
Vol. 2 Account Book, 1790-1865