Earl H. Barber
Papers, 1909-1969

Mss: 750

Historical Note
Scope and Content
Series Description
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Historical Note:

Earl Huntington Barber, graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1910), worked as a laborer, foreman, superintendent and engineer (1903-1912) during his early career. From 1912-1913, EHB participated in building a sea wall around Ellis Island. Appointed special assistant to the Attorney General of Massachusetts, EHB provided technical expertise on the infamous Haverhill gas rate case planned by Stone & Webster as a challenge to the Commonwealth's rate setting abilities. In 1915, he was appointed engineer to the Board of Gas and Electric Light Commissioners which oversaw the general supervision of gas, electric and water companies, controlled municipal properties and set rates in Massachusetts. In 1919, the Board of Gas and Electric Light Commissioners and the Public Service Commission consolidated to become the Department of Public Utilities, and EHB continued as engineer. In addition, he investigated all complaints against public utility companies and became a spokesman for the department. When he left the DPU in 1930, his expertise qualified him for a wide variety of private consulting jobs usually as expert witness or investigator. Federal government positions included time spent at the Rural Electrification Administration (1935-1936) and the Federal Power Commission (1938-1940). In 1951 he was made a life member in the American Society of Civil Engineers. A resident of Reading, Massachusetts, these papers contain few personal references.

Scope and Content:

The papers of Earl Huntington Barber (1883- [?] ), public utilities engineer, cover the period during the first half of the twentieth century. The bulk of these materials fall within the 1920s and 1930s and were created and collected by EHB during his professional career as a civil engineer.

The papers of EHB constitute 8.5 cubic feet and contain articles, speeches, typescripts, notes, letters sent/received, pamphlets, clippings, drafts, drawings, notices, photographs, negatives, index cards, balance sheets, graphs, agreements, reports, invoices, maps, blueprints, memoranda, diaries and price lists. These papers document the related forerunners to and origins of the Department of Public Utilities (DPU). Also, they document the organization, development, and achievements which occurred in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to reflect public utility regulation for the better part of the twentieth century.

The papers in this collection document the various directions taken by the Department of Public Utilities in response to a variety of economic and social trends in the field, as well as in response to the necessities of two world wars. Such trends can be observed in the emphasis placed on price regulation, the types of new plant construction offered, the rapid increase in use of electrical household appliances, the extension and betterment of facilities and finally the criticism and controversies surrounding the rate-setting function of DPU.

Of particular note in this collection are the descriptions of civil service and consulting jobs investigated by EHB from the 1920s through the 1960s which show the increased consumption of electricity, gas and water between the two world wars, the addition of transmission and distribution lines and increased generating capacities in cities and towns across Massachusetts. In addition, the Rural Electrification Association material provides glimpses of the work-related social life employees of this federal agency organized during the Roosevelt administration.

Series Description:

1. Personal Material, ca. 1920-1962
Simpson-Barber genealogical papers; news clippings pertaining to EHB's position with DPU, Sacco-Vanzetti trial; WWI draft classification; sketch by EHB; letters sent/received concerning Globe Phone Manufacturing Company, contributions by Federal employees for unemployment relief during Hoover administration, sponsorship of naturalized citizenship for Chinese national (photographs included), disagreement with Reading, MA selectmen over tree cutting on lot owned by EHB (photographs included); notes on Sputnik. Maintained in original order.

2. Writing and Research, 1909-1943
Manuscripts by EHB, including: articles; M.I.T. thesis (1910); M.I.T. class notes (1909); correspondence to Melville F. Weston, The New Republic; speeches and news clippings. Organized chronologically.

3. Professional Experience-Department of Public Utilities, 1920-1965
Correspondence between EHB and public utilities commissioners, attorneys, heads of municipal power companies and private manufacturing firms; list of books at DPU; employment qualifications and questionnaires; DPU rules, petitions and regulations; notes on load factors, BTU's, degree days; municipal utilities statistics, news clippings and data. Maintained in original order; chronologically by subject.

4. Professional Experience-Rural Electrification Administration, 1935-1937
Notes, photographs, diaries, memoranda, reports, agreements, correspondence, invoices, price lists, news clippings, articles and extracts of rate cases pertaining to the Rural Electrification Administration (REA) formally established by the Federal government in 1935. Using funds set aside for the purpose, the REA attempted to expand electrification to all parts of the United States using relief labor. Maintained in original order.

5. Professional Experience-Federal Power Commission, 1938-1945
Memorandum, reports, graphs, data, glossary, agreement, forms and form letters, diagrams and blueprints relating to the Federal Power Commission, Bureau of Accounts, Finance, and Rates, Division of Rates and Statistics. Documents relating to the Natural Gas Act (1938), the Federal Power Act, rate investigation cases and Federal irrigation projects are included. Maintained in original order.

6. Professional Experience-Fuel Clause, 1945-1958
Notes, letters received, background material and data relating to the 1957 hearing on fuel clauses in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. EHB provided technical assistance in the Commonwealth's case that the objective of a fuel clause should be to recover increased costs of energy due to fuel cost, not increased cost of taxes, labor and materials. Maintained in original order.

7. Inventory-Costs, A-W, 1909-1925
Worksheets with costs of equipment for various municipal utility engineering jobs undertaken by the Board of Gas and Electrical Commissioners and Department of Public Utilities. Filed alphabetically with index.

8. Inventory-Costs, Board of Gas and Electrical Commissioners, 1914-1919
Index cards with costs of structures, machines, apparatus, and materials of municipal engineering projects undertaken by the Board of Gas and Electrical Commissioners. Serial and chronological index included. Maintained in original order.

9. Notes-Department of Public Utilities, 1906-1927
Notes on municipal utility projects undertaken by Department of Public Utilities in Commonwealth of Massachusetts and its predecessor, the Board of Gas and Electrical Commissioners. Maintained in original order by number of job. Includes unindexed projects.

10. Miscellaneous Professional Papers, 1913-1969
Graphs, recommendation, data, report, speeches, news clippings, letters sent/received, applications, gas and electricity rates and Civil Service examinations relating to EHB's civil service positions as well as private consulting jobs. Maintained in original order; arranged chronologically.

11. Professional Projects, 1913-1967
Maps, reports, letters sent/received, financial statements, petitions, work sheets, abstracts, utility rates, news clippings, studies, graphs, memoranda, agreements, blueprints, negatives, photographs, form letters and advertisements documenting projects EHB was involved with in Massachusetts as well as nationwide. Maintained in original order; arranged geographically by city or town.

12. Subject File, 1910-1956
Correspondence, notes, contracts, bids, reports and news clippings relating to legal cases requiring EHB's expert testimony involving injury due to negligence on the part of utility companies or technical explanations for rate determination. Maintained in original order; alphabetically by topic.

13. Notebooks, 1927-1957
Notebooks containing operating expenses, utility use, history and progress of a variety of projects involving EHB either during his employment by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or as a private consultant. Maintained in original order; alphabetically by city or town or by topic.

14. Bound Volumes, 1915-1940
3 volumes of customer complaints to Board of Gas and Electric Commissioners, later Department of Public Utilities relating to EHB's employment at these two civil service positions: Volume 1 - 1917-1921; Volume 2 - 1921-1923; Volume 3 - 1923-1929. The fourth volume, created during EHB's tenure at the Federal Power Commission, is titled "Chicago District Electric Generation Corporation, Docket IT-5500, Report of the Division of Rates and Statistics, February 15, 1940" with two parts: miscellaneous papers and report with individual table of contents for each part.

Container List:

Container                  Contents                                                                                    
Carton 1                Series 1. Personal Material, 1918-1962
                                f.1 Genealogical, Simpson-Barber, 1933
f.2Personal clippings re: EHB, etc., c. 1920s
          f.3 McInerny, Joseph M., 1931
          f.4 Sacco-Vanzetti, 1927 (clippings)
          f.5Globe phone, 1926
          f.6 Fong Dong Shue (Siu Yim), 1950
          f.7 Long Wah Pooh, 1962 (Siu Kun Leoug)
          f.8 "Sputnik & the moon", 1957
          f.9 Dimond Hill Lot cordwood cutting, 1938-1939 (Epping, NH)
                              Series 2. Writing and Research, 1909-1943
                                f.10 "Drown, damn you, drown!" (story of EHB managing a crew of Italians) n.d.
f.11 "The electric mat", n.d.
          f.13 Thesis: "The design of a sewage collection and disposal system for the town of Manchester, Massachusetts", 1910
          f.14 M.I.T. notes, 1909
          f.15"Valley of bones", biblical commentary, 1926
          f.16 New Republic regulation, 1926
          f.17 "Cheap electricity, its economies, and the way thereto", 1926
          f.18 "Once again"- Springfield-Reading, 1928
          f.19 "Shut off deposit", 1929
          f.20 "Northampton speech, 1929 (College Club)"
          f.21 EHB's remarks to Municipal Light Managers' Association, 12/3/30 (1963)
          f.22 "Rewarding good management- some notes on the idea", 1931
          f.23 "Sliding scale- historical account", 1931 (copy for Major J.C. Gotwals)
          f.24 The idea of regulation, c. 1932
          f.25 Municipal ownership in Massachusetts (9000 word version), 1933
          f.26 "Inflammation" by EHB, 1933
          f.27 "The romance of power"
          f.28 "The romance of distribution costs", 1933
          f.29 "$.02 electricity in Mass. ", 1933
          f.30 "Republican municipal series", 1934
          f.31 "40 years of public ownership", Nov. 1934-35
          f.32 "Municipal plants- Civil Engineering", 1934
          f.33 "Reading Municipal Light Department history", 1934
          f.34 "Peanut Power", 1934-1935
          f.35 "Against" municipal speech, 3/12/35
          f.36 "Springfield Republican" public utility regulation, 1935
          f.37 "The education of a public servant", 1936
          f.38 Springfield Republican sliding scale letter, 1936
          f.39 Springfield Republican "Rural electrification", 1939
          f.40 "Power & flood control", 1937
          f.41 "Rural electrification", 1938 (in Public Utilities Fortnightly)
          f.42 "Random observations of the New Deal in operation", 1941 (rotary-Reading)
          f.43 "Rate speech", 10/9/41
          f.44 "A chapter in regulation", 1943
                               Series 3. Professional Experience, Department of Public Utilities, 1920-1965 (see also Box 8 and Volumes 1,2,3)
                                f.45 Orders, etc., D.P.U., 1920-1930
          f.46 Some letters of EHB's, D.P.U., 1920-1934
          f.47 Correspondence, desk D.P.U., 1929-1930
          f.48 Misc. D.P.U., 1924-1929
          f.49 Misc. D.P.U., 1925-1929
          f.50 Miscellaneous, desk, D.P.U., 1930
          f.51 Books, list of in D.P.U., n.d.
          f.52 D.P.U., 1947-1948
          f.53 D.P.U. rate filing order, 1949, minimum charge approval at D.P.U. after 1/22/53
          f.54 D.P.U. explanatory notes, 1951-1953
          f.55 D.P.U. orders, etc., 1933-1934
          f.56 Municipal ownership, 1925-1927
          f.57 Municipal stuff, 1925-1927
          f.58 Helen Bridey Municipal, 1 part of 2, 1927
          f.59 Helen Bridey Municipal, 1 part of 2, 1925-1928
          f.60 Municipals, clippings, 1929-1930
          f.61 Municipals, from table, clippings, etc., 1929-1930
          f.62 E.L., Mass., intercompany sales, 1932
          f.63 M.L. Assoc., data, 1932-1933
          f.64 M.L. Assoc., report, 1932
          f.65 Municipal plants, proposed legislation, 1958
          f.66 Municipal plants supplied by the N.E. Power - $286 + 6.2 mill., agreement of Aug. 1965
          f.67 Municipals, jurisdiction of Mass. D.P.U. over. Decision of SJC. ca.1965.
          f.68 Holyoke W.P. v. City G&E Plant
                              Series 4. Professional Experience, Rural Electrification Administration, 1935-1937 (see also Box 8)
                                f.69 Rural Electrification Administration: autographs, pictures, notes, etc., 1935-1936
          f.70 Rural Electrification Administration, Rate Committee report, etc., 1935
          f.71 Rural Electrification Administration, misc. interdepartmental memoranda, 1935
          f.72 Cape & Vineyard Electric Company, 1935-1936
          f.73 Central Statistical Board, 1935-1936
          f.74 REA correspondence with Cooke about employment, 1935-1936
          f.75 REA-miscellaneous, 1935-1936
          f.76 Pennsylvania Commission, 1935-1936
          f.77 Plymale, Walter P., 1935-1936 (Virginia Electric & Power Co.)
          f.78 Electromaster, 1936
          f.79 Ferguson, "Line losers", 1936
          f.80 Ferguson on rate reductions vs. increased use, 1936
          f.81 REA, Tri-county case- Mass., 1936-1937
          f.82 Pennsylvania rate regulation, 1937
          f.83 About REA, M.L. Cooke, 1937
          f.84 Cape & Vineyard rates, post 1926 (through 1936) Hartford 4 mill rate, -1936
                              Series 5. Professional Experience-Federal Power Commission, 1938-1945. (See also Volume 4)
                                f.85 Federal Power Commission, miscellaneous, 1938-1940
          f.86 Miscellaneous notes, ca. 1945
          f.87 A- Costs- Miscellaneous material, 1938-1939
          f.88 Natural Gas Act, 1938
          f.89 Costs- natural gas, 1939
          f.90 Status- gas- #51, formal, 1938
          f.91 B- costs, miscellaneous material (corporate relationships- chart), n.d.
          f.92 Natural gas pipeline map, 1940
          f.93 Florida Power Corp., draft of report, 1938
          f.94 Kentucky Utilities Company, 1938
          f.95 New England Power Company, 1938
          f.96 Northern States Power Co., 1938
          f.97 Northwestern Electric Company, 1938
          f.98 Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company, 1938
          f.99 H2: rate regulation, 1938
          f.100 Power rates of federal projects, 1938-1940
          f.101 Rates for miscellaneous federal projects, 1940-1941 [Kendrick]
          f.102 Rates for miscellaneous federal projects, 1940-1941 [Parker Dam-Yuma]
          f.103 Rates for miscellaneous federal projects, 1940-1941 [review of Bureau of Reclamation rates, W.E. Caine]
          f.104 Retail rates, automatic adjustment of, 1939
          f.105 Steam turbines, 1939
          f.106 Nevada California Electric Corp. vs. City of Las Angeles, 1939-1940
          f.107 Rural electrification outline, Palo Verde Valley, 1940
Carton 2                                                                               
                                f.1 Hetch-Hetchy, 1941 [March 25, 1941]
          f.2 Hetch-Hetchy, May 1941
          f.3 Lower Colorado Development Authority, 4/25/41 - 6/2/41 [4/25/41]
          f.4 Lower Colorado Development Authority, 4/25/41 - 6/2/41 [5/23/41]
          f.5 Lower Colorado Development Authority, 4/25/41 - 6/2/41 [6/2/41]
          f.6 Depreciation from F.P.C. days, 1940 [rates, etc., 1938-1941]
          f.7 Bonneville, 1940-1941 [May 1938 - Ross. first rates]
          f.8 Bonneville, 1940-1941 [July 1939]
          f.9 Bonneville, 1940-1941 [August, 1939, revised filing]
          f.10 Bonneville, 1940-1941 [preliminary tender]
          f.11 Bonneville, 1940-1941 (1941)
          f.12 Miscellaneous clippings, etc., 1941-1942
                              Series 6. Professional Experience-Fuel Clause, 1945-1958
                                f.13 Fuel clause, Boston Edison, justification, 1945
          f.14 Fuel adjustment factor, Boston Edison, presumptive calculation, 1955
          f.15 Fuel clause, Boston Edison, April 1957
          f.16 Load factor, memorandum, 1956
          f.17 Fuel adjustment factor, notes & order, 1945-1946
          f.18 Fuel clause, justifications of, 1957 (including Narragansett)
          f.19 Fuel clause, diagram comparing operation of 2 types of fuel clause, 1957
          f.20 Fuel clause, 1957-1958
          f.21 Fuel clause, monthly forms, 1957
          f.22 Fuel clause, "as fired" cost of handling, 1957-1958
          f.23 Explanation of fuel clause, 1957
          f.24 Fuel clause, drafts of proposed order of, 1957 [+ final order]
          f.25 Fuel clause, suggestions & EHB notes, 1957
          f.26 Explanation memos, 1958
          f.27 Fuel clause, annual form, 1958
                              Series 7. Inventory-Costs, A-W, 1909-1925
                                f.28 A, 1912-1916
          f.29 B, 1909-1916
          f.30 C, 1905-1923
          f.31 D, 1912-1925
          f.32 E, 1905-1917
          f.33 F, 1913-1918
          f.34 G, 1907-1923
          f.35 H, 1913-1916
          f.36 I, 1913
          f.37 J, K, L, 1916, 1924
          f.38 M, 1913, 1924
          f.39 N, 1916
          f.40 O, 1914-1922
          f.41 O, P, 1905-1924
          f.42 Q, R, 1905-1916
          f.43 S, 1912-1916
          f.44 T, 1883-1922
          f.45 U, V, W, 1916
          f.46 Haverhill Case: Forstall, Adams, Monahan, Prichard, Miner, Miller; 1913
          f.47 Index: A
          f.48 Index: B
          f.49 Index: C
          f.50 Index: D
          f.51 Index: E
          f.52 Index: F
          f.53Index: G
          f.54Index: H
          f.55 Index: I
          f.56 Index: J
          f.57 Index: K
          f.58 Index: L
          f.59 Index: M
          f.60 Index: N
          f.61 Index: O
          f.62 Index: P
          f.63 Index: Q, R
          f.64 Index: S
          f.65 Index: T
          f.66 Index: U
          f.67 Index: V
          f.68 Index: W
                              Series 8. Inventory, Costs, Board of Gas and Electrical Commissioners, 1914-1919
                                Board of Gas & Electric Commissioners, costs of structures, 1914-1919 (6 ff.)
  Board of Gas & Electric Commissioners, costs of machines, 1914-1919 (3 ff.)
  Board of Gas & Electric Commissioners, costs of machines, conveyers, 1914-1919 (3 ff.)
Carton 3                                           
                              Board of Gas & Electric Commissioners, costs of machines, pumps, 1914-1919 (4 ff.)
  Board of Gas & Electric Commissioners, cost of apparatus, steam generating cycle, 1914-1919 (5 ff.)
  Board of Gas & Electric Commissioners, cost of apparatus, gas generating cycle, 1914-1919 (4 ff.)
  Board of Gas & Electric, cost of apparatus, electrical,1914-1919 (3 ff.)
  Board of Gas & Electric Commissioners, cost of apparatus, mains, 1914-1919 (4 ff.)
  Board of Gas & Electric Commissioners, cost of materials, 1914-1919 (4 ff.)
  Special index / chronological index, 1-770
  Board of Gas & Electric Commissioners, cost of services & labor, 1914-1919
  Board of Gas & Electric Commissioners, cost of concern as a whole, 1914-1919 (2ff.)
  Board of Gas & Electric Commissioners, miscellaneous, 1914-1919
                              Series 9. Notes-Department of Public Utilities, 1906-1926
                                f.1 D.P.U. jobs, 0-9, 1906-1915
f.2 D.P.U. jobs, 10-19, 1915-1916
f.3 D.P.U. jobs, 20-29, 1915-1916
f.4 D.P.U. jobs, 30-39, 1916
Carton 4                                                           
                                f.5 D.P.U. jobs, 40-49, 1916
f.6 D.P.U. jobs, 50-59, 1906-1917
f.7 D.P.U. jobs, 60-69, 1906-1917
f.8 D.P.U. jobs, 70-79, 1914-1918
f.9 D.P.U. jobs, 80-89, 1908-1918
f.10 D.P.U. jobs, 90-99, 1914-1919
f.11 D.P.U. jobs, 100-109, 1919
f.12 D.P.U. jobs, 110-119, 1920
f.13 D.P.U. jobs, studies, 1907-1923
f.14 D.P.U. jobs, 120-129, 1920-1921
f.15 D.P.U. jobs, 130-139, 1921
f.16 D.P.U. jobs, 140-149, 1918-1922
f.17 D.P.U. jobs, 150-159, 1922
f.18 D.P.U. jobs, 164-169, 1922-1924
f.19 D.P.U. jobs, 170-179, 1924-1925
f.20 D.P.U. jobs, 180-187, 1925-1927
f.21 D.P.U. jobs, miscellaneous, 1913-1917
f.22 D.P.U. jobs, card records, unindexed, 1920-1926 (3 ff.)
                              Series 10. Miscellaneous Professional Papers, 1913-1969
                                 f.23 Masonry Dam, M.I.T., n.d.
f.24 Ellis Island, 1913
f.25 Gas rates after war increase, 1920
f.26 Board of Gas & Electric Light Commissioners, closing statement, 1920
f.27 Attwill Superpower, 1926
f.28 Electric meter test S, 1926-1931
f.29 Recommendations for legislation, 1927
f.30 Electric Rumpus, clippings, rates, 1927
f.31 C.D. Parker stock, 1929-1930
f.32 N.E.L.A. Review, 1930
f.33 Rates, 1930-1931
f.34 Distribution costs, Morris L. Cooke, 1931
f.35 Diesel calculations, 1931
f.36 Distribution of appliances, Fletcher Barber, 1931
f.37 U.S.G.S. power production, 1931
f.38 Highways "surface superheater", 1931
f.39 Hoover's 3-day pay to unemployment relief, 1931
f.40 Attwill, his last attempt, 1936
f.41 Examination, Senior Rate Engineer, Mass. Civil Service Commission, 1943
f.42 Civil Service Examination, Distribution Engineer, Holyoke, 1944
f.43 Civil Service Examination, Senior Rate Engineer, D.P.U., 1947
f.44 Civil Service Examination, Gas, Electric & Water Utilities Inspector, D.P.U. 1947
f.45 Civil Service Examination, Assoc. Public Utilities Engineer, D.P.U., 1947-1948
f.46 House heating by gas, Hall, Henry, 1945. Unpublished papers, 1947. (spaceheating, N.E. G&E, 1948)
f.47 Memo to Attorney General, 1949
f.48 Manhole hazard report, 1949-1950
f.49 ASCE, Life membership, 1951
f.50 Inter-utility sales, Gas & Electric, 1951
f.51 Some gas rates, 1953
f.52 D.V. Rainford, 1955
f.53 Some consideration on peak loads, 1956
f.54 Pro-rating bills, 1960
f.55 House heating study, 1964
f.56 S. J. Court. Old crossing grants invalid for changed construction, 1969
                              Series 11. Professional Projects, 1913-1967 (see also Box 8)
                                 f.57 Amesbury Gas, 1921 [maps, 1917]
f.58 Attleboro Welded Main '26, 1929
f.59 Barre Radio, 1930
f.60 Boston Consolidated Gas, n.d.
f.61 Boston Consolidated Gas, sliding scale history, data (Boston), 1925-1931
f.62 Boston Consolidated Gas Co., D.P.U. 7966, 1948
f.63 Boston Consolidated Gas, 1949, work sheets
f.64 Boston Consolidated Gas, 1949
f.65 Boston Consolidated Gas data, 1949
f.66 Boston Consolidated Gas notes, etc., 1949
f.67 Legislation, Boston Consolidated rate, house #79, 1949-1951
f.68 Boston assessors, Boston Consolidated Gas, 1950
f.69 Boston Consolidated Gas, suggestions, 1951
f.70 Boston Consolidated Gas, abstract of record, v.1,2,3,4, 1951
f.71 Boston Consolidated Gas, apportionment of G660, G662, for argument, 1951
f.72 Boston Consolidated Gas, Co.'s exhibits, 1951
f.73 Boston Consolidated Gas, advertising to m+s, other companies, 1951
f.74 Boston Consolidated Gas, analysis of advertising, 1949-1951
f.75 Boston Consolidated Gas, decision, 2/4/50 - 2/28/51
f.76 Boston Consolidated Gas, D.P.U. Worksheets, 1951
f.77 Boston Consolidated Gas, Old Colony consolidation, 1952-1953
f.78 Boston Consolidated Gas, company material, 1954
f.79 Boston Consolidated Gas contract, 1954
f.80 Boston Consolidated Gas Co., rate change, 1954
f.81 Boston Gas Company, Bellamy's material, 1955
f.82 St. Lt. arbitration, Edison, work sheets, etc., 1914-1918
f.83 Boston Edison, street lighting rates, Boston, 1923-1930
f.84 Edison, 1927 (D.P.U. #2622) & Sugden contract, 1913
f.85 Boston Edison clippings, 1929
f.86 Boston Edison, Perry decision, 1947
f.87 Roesslev & Sons, data, 1948-1950
f.88 Roesslev & Sons, Woburn, hearing material, 1948-1950
f.89 Boston Edison, Roesslev & Sons, letters, etc., 1948-1950
f.90 Boston Edison, Roesslev & Sons, work sheets, 1948-1950
f.91 Boston Edison, Roesslev & Sons, briefs, 1950
f.92 Boston Edison, Roesslev decision, 1950
f.93 Boston Edison, Issues NT & LT, 1955
f.94 Boston Edison, rate case, 1957-1958
Carton 5                                               
                                 f.1 Boston Edison Company, fuel clause, assumption of Carroll A. Shaw, 1957
f.2 Boston Edison, fuel clause, 1957
f.3 Boston Edison, fuel clause, 1957
f.4 Boston Edison, fuel clause, gas, 1958
f.5 Boston Edison, ordered revision of D, D1 & G, 12/1/58-1959
f.6 Boston Edison, 1958
f.7 Boston Edison rate briefs, 1958
f.8 Boston Edison, filing of April 16, 1959
f.9 Boston Edison, OH vs. UG, carry charges, 1966-1967
f.10 Cambridge analysis, 1926
f.11 Cambridge Gas Light Co., 1948
f.12 Cambridge Gas Light Co., 1948-1949
f.13 Cambridge Gas Light Company, memo, 1955
f.14 Cambridge Gas Light Company & Lynn section, 1955-1956
f.15 Cambridge Gas Light Company, Lynn data, 1955-1956
f.16 Cambridge Gas Company, 1955-1956
f.17 Cambridge Gas Trans. Corp./Texas Eastern Gas Trans. Corp., notes on annual reports, 1950-1956
f.18 Cambridge Gas Company, calculations after first conference, 1955-1956
f.19 Cambridge Gas Company, company's memo, 6/27/56, 1955-1956
f.20 Cambridge Gas Light Co., rough draft, 1955-1956
f.21 Charlestown, 1928
f.22 Chester, 1924
f.23 Chicopee, City of, electric agreement, 1954
f.24 Holyoke Water Power Co., memorandum on the proposed contract with the, 9/54
f.25 City of Chicopee, 1954
f.26 Chicopee map, n.d.
f.27 Chicopee, Westover, correspondence, 1957
f.28 Chicopee, Westover, papers relating to 1941 contract, 1957
f.29 Chicopee, Westover, rate curves & calculations, 1957
f.30 Chicopee, Westover, material for write-up, 1957
f.31 Chicopee, Westover, miscellaneous, 1957
f.32 Chicopee, Westover, proposals after April 1, 1957
f.33 Chicopee, Falls, MA, Westover, Air Force Base, proposed rate schedule & memorandum, 1957
f.34 Chicopee, Westover Air Force Base, proposal for the supply of electrical energy, Aug. 11, 1958
f.35 Danvers, 1930
f.36 Dedham & Hyde Park, McGrath-Jenkins, 1928
f.37 D.C. sliding scale, 1931
f.38 D.C. posts, street lighting, 1931
f.39 D.C. rates, load curves, etc.
f.40 D.C. thermal electric plant, 1931
f.41 D.C. 36,000 kw condensing plant operating cost, 1931
f.42 D.C., D.P. Robinson's report, 1931
f.43 D.C., St.Lt., characteristics conversion equip., 1931-1932
f.44 D.C. air conditioning, 1932
f.45 D.C. distribution cost J.P.M. figures, Jan. 1932
f.46 Edgartown Water Co., 1952
f.47 Franklin: The Union L & P, 1916
f.48 Goshen: The Whale Inn, 1931
f.49 Great Barrington, valuation, C.T. main, hydro el., 1917
f.50 Groton, 1925
f.51 Hamilton Decision, S.J.C., 1963
f.52 Harvard El. Co., concealed payments, 1926
f.53 Haverhill gas case, 1913
f.54 Haverhill Gas & Light, 1913
f.55 Haverhill Electric Co.: Newburyport Gas Business, 1949
f.56 Hingham Water Co., warning, 1919
f.57 Hingham M.Lt. Dept., 1953 data, 1951-1953
f.58 Hingham M.Lt. Dept., 1953 rate curves, 1952-1953
f.59 Hingham M.L. Dept., 1953, work sheet & correspondence, 1953
f.60 Holyoke decision & anniversary, 1930-1932
f.61 Holyoke Water Power Co., historical, 1960
f.62 Holyoke Water Power Co., general, 1955-1959
f.63 Holyoke Water Power Co., Mount Tom Plant agreement, 1957
f.64 Holyoke Water Power Co., Holyoke Municipal Plant, 1959
f.65 Holyoke Water Power Co., fuel clause, 1959
f.66 Holyoke Water Power Co., Holyoke Municipal Plant, 1959 (proposal 8/31/59 firm cont.)
f.67 Robert Barrett, Holyoke Water Power Co., 1960-1961
f.68 Holyoke, city gas & electric plant, excess total sulphur, 1948
f.69 Holyoke Gas & Electric Dept., 1964, proposed lease by H.W.P.
f.70 Hudson- proposed sale, 1924, write up. L.D. Wood (1924, 1934)
f.71 Huntington, Mass., rebuilt, 1924
f.72 Hudson, L.D. Wood, write-up
f.73 Hudson, correspondence, 1936
f.74 Idaho Power Co., summary sheets, 1943
f.75 Idaho Power Co., 1943-1951
f.76 Kentucky Roads, 1914, clippings re: EHB, parable by EHB, prior to WWI Instructions to surveyors, 1915
f.77 Kentucky forms, negatives (3 ff.)
Carton 6                           
                                 f.1 Lawrence, compulsory supply, Massachusetts, 1921, 1947
f.2 Littleton, 1964-1965
f.3 Lowell St. Lt., 1927
f.4 Lowell Gas Light Co., 1947
f.5 Lowell Gas Company, X3-11 Inc. + X-20, 1952
f.6 Lynn: 20,000 kw, 1930-1931
f.7 Lynn Gas & Electric Co., 1952, data
f.8 Lynn Gas & Electric Co., 1952, memos, etc.
f.9 Lynn G & E Co., 1952, curve sheets
f.10 Lynn G & E Co., 1952, work sheets
f.11 Lynn G & E Co., D.P.U. 10056 (electric), July 1, 1952
f.12 Lynn G & E Co., D.P.U. 10057 (gas), July 1, 1952
f.13 Lynn G & E Co. supplementary exhibits, D.P.U. 10056 electric, D.P.U. 10057 gas, Sept. 10, 1952
f.14 Lynn G & E Co., text, 1954
f.15 Lynn G & E Co., calculations, etc., 1954
f.16 Lynn G & E Co., curve sheets, 1954
f.17 Lynn G & E Co., field notes, 1954
f.18 North Shore Sports Center, 1955
f.19 Malden Gas, service charge, who did it?, 1921
f.20 Malden & Melrose Gas, calculation sheets, 1948
f.21 Malden & Melrose Gas Lt. Co., correspondence, etc., 1948
f.22 Malden & Melrose Gas Lt. Co., 1948
f.23 Montana Power Co., 1943-1945
f.24 Middlesex Co.'s right of way, 1924 (Pepperell, Hollis, Dunstable)
f.25 Commonwealth of Mass., Return of the Montaup Company..., 1929-1939
f.26 Power plant, 20,000 kw, New Bedford, 1923
f.27 New Bedford Gas & El. Lt. Co., fuel clause explanation, gas, 1948
f.28 New Bedford Gas & El. Company, petrochemical, 1959
f.29 New England Power Co., 1919-1924
f.30 New England Power Co., 1928
f.31 New England Power cost of service study, J.M. Southwood, 1952-1953
f.32 Horace Estey on Washington conference on N.E.P.W.-3 & W-2 rates, 1961
f.33 New England Power Co., subsidiaries, fuel clause, report of Baker, Curtis & Denton, Feb. 1962
f.34 Comm. of Mass., copy of First Return of the New Salem Elec. Co..., 1926-1935
f.35 New Salem set up, 1927
f.36 N.Y. State report, n.d.
f.37 Niagara-St. Lawrence L.D. & Popham Report, June 5 & Oct. 16, 1963
f.38 North Attleboro Gas Co., 1953-1958 (correspondence)
f.39 North Attleboro Gas Co., worksheets, 1953-1954
f.40 North Attleboro Gas Co., worksheets- rates, 1953-1954
f.41 North Attleboro Gas Co., data, 1953
f.42 North Attleboro Gas Co., plate curves, 1953
f.43 North Attleboro Gas Co., rates- temporary, filed, 1953-1954
f.44 North Attleboro Gas Co., 1956-1958
f.45 North Attleboro Gas Co., purchased gas price adjustment, 1959
f.46 North Attleboro Gas Co., 1961
f.47 North Attleboro Gas Co., Internal Revenue tax reduction, report ordered by D.P.U., 1964
f.48 North Attleboro Gas Co., reduction ordered by the D.P.U., 1964
f.49 North Attleboro Gas Co., rate revision, 1964
f.50 Northeastern gas transmission, 1952-1953
f.51 Northampton decision, 1933
f.52 Norwich, draft of new rates, 1941
f.53 Norwich, rate control sheets, 1941
f.54 Norwich, rate curves, 1941
f.55 Norwich publicity, 1941
f.56 Norwich report, 1941
f.57 Norwood, J.J.C. Herlihy, 1957
f.58 Pacific Gas & Electric, 1945
f.59 Peabody, 1955
f.60 Peabody, 1956-1957
f.61 Peabody, correspondence, 1957-1961
f.62 Peabody, 1957, gas supply
f.63 Peabody decision, 1964
f.64 Pittsfield Coal Gas Co., 1948, 1952
f.65 Possum Kingdom Dam Project, 1941 [Texas]
f.66 Potomac Electric Power Co., 1930
f.67 Provincetown, 1949-1950
f.68 Reading, 1930
f.69 Reading advertisements, 1928-1939
f.70 R.M.L.D. 1/2 originals, 1929
f.71 R.M.L.D. 1/2 originals, 1929
f.72 Reading consolidation, 1925
f.73 Plymouth vs. Reading, 1925
f.74 Reading light plant, 1925-1926
f.75 Reading system analysis, 1927-1935
f.76 Reading el. world, 1928
f.77 Reading, 1933
f.78 Reading, operating - maintenance, 1935
f.79 Reading rural lines, 1936
f.80 Reading underground, 1936-1938
f.81 "Metering economics" by Hector Gianascol, 1936
f.82 Hector Gianascol, capacitor paper, 1941
f.83 Reading vs. Rate M, 1957-1958
f.84 Reading cables, 1962
f.85 Rowley, 1955
f.86 Rowley curve sheets, 1955-1956
f.87 Rowley, maps - machine tapes, 1955-1956
f.88 Roxbury gas explosion, 1963
f.89 Russia electrical development, 1935
Carton 7                           
                                 f.1 Shrewsbury, 1955
f.2 David M. Brackman, Gateway Apartment, 1959 [Springfield]
f.3 Sudbury, 1960
f.4 Sudbury, 1960, text
f.5 Sudbury, Edison's U.G. estimate, 1960-1962
f.6 Sudbury, work sheets, 1960
f.7 Sudbury, Boston Ed. instruction for cable installation/splicing, 1961 (1954, 1959)
f.8 Sudbury, briefs, 1961
f.9 Sudbury, correspondence, 1961-1964
f.10 Sudbury, decisions, 1961
f.11 Sudbury, 1961-1964
f.12 Sudbury, relating to town meeting, 1961
f.13 Sudbury, splice drawings, etc., okonite, Gen. Cable, Boston Ed., 1961
f.14 Sudbury, work sheets not in book, 1961
f.15 Sudbury notes, 1961-1962
f.16 Sudbury, M.G. Stratton, 1962
f.17 Sudbury, Harding Green's estimate, 1962
f.18 Sudbury, Jerome hydraulic material, 1962
f.19 Sudbury, 1964 decision
f.20 Sudbury, house 3034, 1962
f.21 Sudbury, report to the town, 1963
f.22 Sudbury, 1966
f.23 Sudbury, data, 1966
f.24 Toronto, 115-kv. cable in 15-kv. ducts, 1962
f.25 A.E. Forstall, wake valuation, 1916
f.26 Webster & Southbridge, New England Power, 1924
f.27 Wisconsin wholesales rates, 1934
f.28 Woodside California , UG vs. OH Trans. line controversy, 1964-1965
f.29 Worcester El. history, 1929
f.30 Worcester accident, 1926
f.31 Worcester County Electric Co., 1952-1958
                              Series 12. Subject File, 1910-1956 (see also Box 8)
                                 f.32 Calorimetry, 1947
f.33 Calorimetry, 1955-1956
f.34 Copper & C.I. pipe curves, n.d.
f.35 Costs, 1910-1913
f.36 Costs, 1910-1916
f.37 Costs, 1911-1916
f.38 Costs, 1916-1922
f.39 Electric water heating, 1931
f.40 Gas, 1941-1942
f.41 Service charge, 1921, 1930
f.42 Water
f.43 Gas holder accidents- study, c.1919-1924
f.44 Explosions, 1952
f.45 Joseph Schneider for John Haggerty, June 1950
f.46 I. Irving Kline, Gloucester, 1951
f.47 Edward L. Lane, 1951
f.48 Thomas M.A. Higgins, Palmer Case, 1951-1952
f.49 Morris Michelson, 1955-1956
                              Series 13. Notebooks, 1927-1957
                                 f.50 Edison, 1927-1929
f.51 Boston Consolidated Gas, 1949
f.52 Cambridge Gas, 1948
f.53 Cambridge Gas Lt. Co., 1948-1949
f.54 Cambridge Gas, 1955
f.55 Chicopee, 1954
f.56 Dominion Natural Gas Co., 1940-1950 [Canada]
f.57 Fall River Gas, 1948
f.58 Gardner Gas, E. & Lt. Co, 2/11/47-49
f.59 Haverhill Gas, 1947
f.60 Hingham M.L. Dept., 1953
f.61 Holyoke G. & E.L. Dept., 1948
f.62 Idaho Power Co., 1943
f.63 Lawrence Gas, 1946
f.64 Lowell Gas Co., 1952
f.65 Lynn-New Bedford, 1928-1929
f.66 Lynn Gas & Electric, 1946-1951 (inc.)
f.67 Lynn Gas & Electric Co., 1953-
f.68 Malden & Melrose G. Lt. Co., 1948
f.69 Miscellaneous notes, 1950-1959
f.70 Montana Power, 1944-1945
f.71 Newburyport-North Shore gas business, 1947 (D.P.U. 1949)
f.72 North Attleboro Gas Co., 1933-1934
f.73 Northeastern gas transmission, 1950
f.74 Norwich 1-100, 1941
f.75 Norwich 100-200
f.76 Norwich misc., 1942
f.77 Peabody, 1955
f.78 Peabody, 1957
f.79 Philadelphia El. Co. Gas Department conversion, 1951
f.80 OH. line costs, Reading, 1927, Lynnfield job
f.81 Reading lines, February 1929
f.82 Rowley, 1955-1956
f.83 Russia electrical development, 1927-
f.84 Walworth Mfg. Co., 1943-1944
f.85 Worcester El. St. Co., 1917
f.86 Worcester Street Railway Co., 1948
f.87 Worcester rate case, 1927
f.88 ACW explosives, 1951
f.89 Diesel, 1926-
f.90 Electric, I of II, 1926-
f.91 Electric, II of II, 1938-
f.92 The elements of electrical engineering, 1915
f.93 Fuel clause, 1947
f.94 Gas 1- , 1941-
f.95 Gas company records, 1940-
f.96 Gas notes, 1957
f.97 Thomas M. A. Higgins, 1951-1952
f.98 Natural gas, 1941-
f.99 Renegotiation notes, 1944
Box 8                           
                                 f.1 Abstract of record- Haverhill rate case, Federal Court, 1913
f.2 D.P.U. bulletins, 1930-
f.3 REA: Globe, etc., 1935
f.4 Massachusetts municipals, 1940
f.5 Municipal plant law, 1943
f.6 Municipal, miscellaneous data, 1946-1947
                              Series 14. Bound Volumes, 1919-1940
Volume 1                Case 1 East Mountain Water Co., 1917
Case 2 Hingham Water Company, 1918
Case 3 Union Light, Heat & Power Co., 1918
Case 4 Gas Holders in Boston, 1920
Case 4A Report of the Gas Inspection Division, 1919
Case 5 Amesbury & Salisbury Gas Co., 1920
Case 6 North Attleboro Gas Co., 1920
Case 7 Webster & Southbridge Gas & Electric Co., 1920
Case 8 New England Power Co., 1920
Case 9 Frank B. Hopewell, n.d.
Case 10 F. O. Hall et al, 1920
Case 11 Benedetto Generazio, 1920
Case 12 C. W. Phillips, 1921
Case 13 Newburyport Gas & Electric Co., 1921
Case 14 Shirley Electric co.,-Tyngsboro Electric Co., 1921
Case 15 Letter to Inspector of Wires of Waltham, 1921
Case 16 New England Power Co., 1921
Case 17 Spencer Gas Co., 1921
Case 18 Chatauqua Association, 1921
Case 19 Cape & Vineyard Electric Co.-Destruction of Holder, 1921
Volume 2                Case 20 Cape & Vineyard Electric Co.-Storm Outage, 1921
Case 21 Tyngsboro Electric Co., 1921
Case 22 Nathan Hurwitz, 1921
Case 22A Amesbury & Salisbury Gas Co., 1921
Case 23 Samuel Rubinovitz, 1921
Case 24 W. C. Lyons, 1922
Case 25 Tyngsboro Electric Light Co., 1922
Case 26 Worcester County Gas Co., 1922
Case 27 Amesbury Gas Co., 1922
Case 28 Mrs. Elizabeth Bracken, 1922
Case 29 Dedham Water Co., 1922
Case 30 Globe Chemical Co., 1922
Case 31 Ellsworth Heights Asso. of Brockton, 1922
Case 32 Frank F. Tripp, 1922
Case 33 Plymouth Gas Co., 1922
Case 34 Henry K. Rosen, 1922
Case 35 William B. Larkin, 1922
Case 36 Wellesley Park Improvement Association, 1922
Case 37 Murell Leather Goods Co., 1922
Case 38 Nellie Callahan, 1922
Case 39 Mrs. John H. Condon, 1922
Case 40 George B. Wattendorf, 1922
Case 41 Arthur S. Sharp, 1922
Case 42 Mrs. Mary McNeil, 1922
Case 43 Patrick J. Murphy, 1922
Case 44 Letter to D.A. Ellis re George R. Ethier, 1922
Case 45 Katherine B. Hartt, 1922
Case 46 Elmer Hale Abbott, 1922
Case 47 Frank I. Tovin, 1922
Case 48 Lawrence J. Louis, 1922
Case 49 Daniel B. Beard, 1922
Case 50 New gas services, 1922
Case 51 Construction on Private Property, 1922
Case 52 Mrs. Mary McNeil and Louis Imbeschied, 1922
Case 53 Memorandum on Complaints, 1922
Case 54 Data prepared for annual report, 1922
Case 55 Charles A. Divoll, 1922
Case 56 Letter to Honorable James M. Curley, 1922
Case 57 D. Ernest Wight, 1922
Case 58 Thomas P. Culhane, 1923
Case 59 Amesbury & Salisbury Gas Co., 1923
Case 60 Rose Goldenberg, 1923
Case 61 Joseph Winiker, 1923
Case 62 Warren W. Fox - Supply of Dracut Pumping Station, 1923
Case 63 Huntington Municipal Plant, 1923
Case 64 William J. Leonard, 1923
Case 65 H. Raymond Warren, 1923
Case 66 E.A. Bardol, 1923
Case 67 Cornelius Lucey and Joseph E. Nittum, 1923
Case 68 J.S. Capen, 1923
Case 69 Some Typical Complaints, 1923
Case 70 New England Power Co. - Land taking in Adams, 1923
Case 71 Louis G. Brockway, 1923
Case 72 Some Typical Complaints, 1923
Case 73 Thomas G. Hoar and Helen G. McGarry, 1923
Volume 3                Case 74 Notes on the proposed schedules of the Edison Electric Ill. Co. of Boston, 1923
Case 75 A.J. Walther, 1923
Case 76 Rebecca Weinstock, Francis C. O'Neil, Maurice Kraft, 1923
Case 77 Gas and Electric Division Report, 1923
Case 78 Remarks on the Meter Dial, 1923
Case 79 Voltage Survey-Huntington Electric Light Co., 1924
Case 80 William J. Donovan, Arthur E. Northrop, Kathleen Murphy. 1924
Case 81 Emil H. Whittman, 1924
Case 82 G. Frederick Robinson, 1924
Case 83 Memorandum-rights of New England Power Co. and Webster & Southbridge Co. in Webster, 1924
Case 84 New England Power Co. - highway crossing in Adams, 1924
Case 85 Plymouth Electric Co. - improvement in service, 1924
Case 86 Mary S. Burns - Lillian C. Gobron, 1924
Case 87 Henry J. Nutt - Wm. M. Guliksen - Walter D. Flynn, 1924
Case 88 Memo to Mr. Ellis in Guliksen case, 1924
Case 89 Memo to Mr. Ellis in Nutt case, 1924
Case 90 Josephine Rizzotto, 1924
Case 91 Edison Electric Ill. Co. - high tension cable line, 1924
Case 92 Charlestown Gas & Electric Co. - Princeton St. residents, 1924
Case 93 John L. Wallace - Edison Electric Ill. Co., 1924
Case 94 Gas rates and consumption, 1924
Case 95 Residents of Duxbury - Plymouth Electric Co., 1924
Case 96 Albert D. Carlson - Edison Electric Ill. , 1924
Case 97 Clarence Shackley et al - Beverly Gas & Electric Co., 1924
Case 98 Gas and Electric Division - Annual Report, 1924
Case 99 Determination of melting point of one gas meter, 1925
Case 100 Comp. operating expenses-Marlboro-Hudson, West Boston, 1925
Case 101 Loretto Salvucci, n. d.
Case 102 Charles Burtman, Roxbury, n.d.
Case 103 Transmission Line - Somerset to Brockton, 1925
Case 104 Transmission Line - Fall River-Brockton-E. Bridgewater, 1925
Case 105 J. W. Head and T. E. Saint, Edison Electric Ill. Co., n.d.
Case 106 Mrs. Hugo H. Eklund, Edison Electric Ill. Co., 1925
Case 107 Mrs. Annie E. Short, Edison Electric Ill. Co., 1925
Case 108 John Pavey, Lowell Electric Light corp, 1925
Case 109 Knute G. Anderson and Edward C. Libby, Edison Elec, 1925
Case 110 W.P. Jones et al - Malden & Melrose Gas Light Co., 1925
Case 111 W.P. Jones et al - Malden & Melrose Gas Light Co., 1925 (continued)
Case 112 Mass. Northeastern St. Ry. Co. - Rockingham County power contract, 1925
Case 113 Asphyxiation of William Joyce, 1925
Case 114 Humphrey O'Leary - Edison Electric Ill. Co., 1925
Case 115 Elizabeth Gillis - Edison Electric Ill. Co., 1925
Case 116 Arthur E. Johnson - Malden Electric Co., 1925
Case 117 Thomas H. Foley - Suburban Gas & Electric Company, 1925
Case 118 Memorandum for Mr. Davies - electric statistics, 1925
Case 119 Mrs. James Erskine - Old Colony Gas Company, 1925
Case 120 Abington & Rockland Electric Company - transmission line, 1926
Case 121 G. Bonazzoli & Sons - Marlboro Electric Light Company, 1926
Case 122 Josef C. Muller - Edison Electric Ill. Co., 1926
Case 123 Schedule of Fees for Testing Electric Meters, 1926
Case 124 E. P. Benjamin - Edison Electric Ill. Co., 1926
Case 125 Consolidation of Worcester Gas & Worcester Electric Cos., 1926
Case 126 Interesting cases summarized for Commissioner Wells, n.d.
Case 127 Joseph C. Hohman - Abington & Rockland Company, 1926
Case 128 Eastern Mass. Electric Co. - Salem transmission line, 1926
Case 129 Isaac Alger - Attleboro Gas & Electric Company, n.d.
Case 130 Residents of Bolton - Marlboro Electric Light Company, 1927
Case 131 Edison Electric Ill. Company - additional stock, 1927
Case 132 Memorandum for Mr. Hardy - Huntington situation, 1927
Case 133 Memorandum for Mr. Lyman - transmission line restrictions, 1927
Case 134 Residents of Grand View Avenue - Supply - Suburban Gas, 1927
Case 135 Citizens' Gas & Electric Company - stock, 1927
Case 136 Academy of Notre Dame - Supply - Lowell Elec. Lt. Corp., 1927
Case 137 Dedham Water Company - bond issue, 1927
Case 138 Some notes on the Middleboro Transmission Line, 1927
Case 139 Holyoke Power & Electric Company - stock, 1927
Case 140 Walter Ashland - Supply - Old Colony Gas Company, 1927
Case 141 Thomas F. Hoar - Supply - Edison Elec. Ill. Co., 1927
Case 142 W. H. Pratt - Supply - Marlboro Elec. Company, 1927
Case 143 Herman N. Haas - Supply - Edison Elec. Ill. Co., 1927
Case 144 Charles Strong - Supply - Wakefield Municipal Plant, 1927
Case 145 Joseph M. Stapleton - Supply - Edison Elec. Ill. Co., 1928
Case 146 Annual Report for 1927, 1928
Case 147 Cost of constructing electric line in Huntington, 1928
Case 148 Doctor Macleod - Supply - Dedham & Hyde Park Gas Co., 1928
Case 149 Memorandum for Mr. Brooks - compulsory supply petitions, 1928
Case 150 Miss. F. M. Knightly - Supply - Lawrence Gas Company, n.d.
Case 151 Burtman Ornamental Iron Works - Supply - Edison Company, 1928
Case 152 Southeastern Mass. Power & Electric Company's lines, 1928
Case 153 Memorandum to Commission inquiring as to filing of rates, requirements of companies, etc., 1928
Case 154 Gilbert Damon - transmission line - Scituate, 1929
Volume 4                Report of the Division of Rates and Statistics, Chicago District Electric Generating Corporation, February 15, 1940; contains two sections: Miscellaneous Papers, and The Report

Provenance: Gift of Earl H. Barber, 1973

Amount: 7 Cartons, 1 box, 4 volumes