A. J. P. Martin
Ledger, 1839-1845

Mss: 641

Historical Note:

A. J. P. Martin maintained a shoemaking and leather repair business in West Poultney, Vermont during the 1840s.

Scope and Content:

This collection contains one ledger relating income and expenses for a number of individuals and partnerships doing business with A. J. P. Martin from 1839-1845. The volume contains at least two different handwritings and a separate alphabetical index is located in the beginning. Individuals include John S. Churchill, Henry Stanley, Curtis Eddy, Chancey Smith, James T. Norton, R. C. McLean, B. B. Witherell, Mrs. Lippingwell, Lemuel Stephens, Doctor W. McLeod, Hiram Clark, Philo Dye, Luther Arnold, Hiram Derby, Joel Beaman, Henry Stanley, John Churchill, John Donahue, H. J. Ruggles, S. P. Hooker, Daniel Fales, Joseph Ayers, George W. Sprague, Alphonso Evarts, Moses Moulton and David C. Bescey. Partnerships include J. Beaman & Son, Clark & Evans as well as Hickok and Means. Entries include items made, for whom intended and price charged. Frequently, Mr. Martin received foodstuffs or services in lieu of a cash payment. The majority of entries refer to boots and shoes made or repaired for a variety of family members and hired help, but Mr. Martin also repaired leather used on stagecoaches, wagons and farm implements. The final two pages of the ledger contain journal entries from May 1844 through March 1845.

Provenance : Gift of Harvard College Library

Amount: 1 volume

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