Codman and Smith
Letterbook, 1780-1783

Mss: 766

Historical Note:

Prior to March 1780, Stephen Codman and Mr. Smith became partners actively engaged in the merchant trade based in Boston, Massachusetts. The firm of Codman and Smith sent cargoes and ships principally to the West Indies. They traded lumber, cod, rice and tobacco for linen and woolen goods, cutlery, German steel, chinaware, salt, sugar, tea, cocoa and other items. The partnership of Codman and Smith was dissolved on December 31, 1783. Thereafter, both men planned to continue in the merchant trade under their individual names.

Scope and Content:

The records of Codman and Smith cover the final three years of the partnership and includes one letterbook. The copies of letters contained in the volume represent out-going correspondence to agents in both the United States and West Indies with whom Codman and Smith transacted business. Correspondents include Joseph Gardoquia Sons, Butlers and Matthew, William Turnbull, George Meade and Company as well as Samuel Wells, Jr. Topics of letters include financial transactions, accounts current, shipping news, political events and privateering. Vessels mentioned include ship Fame, snow Diana, brig Eleanor, brig Friendship, ship Commerce, ship Salem Packet, brig Thomas and brig Expedition.

Also included in the volume is Stephen Codman's account with Peter Vicente Ginor [n.d.] which lists cargo items from Barcelona. The final letter in the volume is from John Codman dated January 17, 1783 regarding the dissolution of the partnership of Codman and Smith.

Provenance : Gift of Charles H. Taylor.

Amount: 1 volume

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