Luis Alejandro Pagani, Argentinean


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LA154 Luis Alejandro Pagani serves as the president of Argentina’s Grupo Arcor, one of the world’s leading candy manufacturers and the main confectionery exporter in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru. Arcor was founded in 1951 and specializes in the manufacture of sugar and chocolate confectionery, cookies and crackers, ice cream, and foodstuff. Mr. Pagani began his career with Grupo Arcor in 1983 as chief commercial officer and was appointed the president and chief executive officer in 1993. He has also been the president of the Asociación Empresaria Argentina (AEA), secretary to the Carolina Foundation of Argentina since 2003, and vice president of the Argentine-Mexican Chamber of Commerce. He has been a member of the Latin American Advisory Board of Deutsche Bank AG since January 2008.

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