Rafael Guilisasti Gana, Chilean


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LA118 Rafael Guilisasti is currently the vice chairman of the Chilean wine company Viña Concha y Toro, one of Latin America’s largest wine exporters and a well-known international brand that is available in more than 130 countries. He joined the company in 1978 and was export director from 1985 to 1998, a period of great expansion into international markets. In addition, Mr. Guilisasti is a member of the board at Viñedos Emiliana S.A., Frutícola Viconto, and Viña Almaviva. During his career he has been very active in commercial organizations dedicated to promoting and developing the Chilean wine industry, particularly in international markets. At the present time, Rafael Guilisasti is a director of Vinos de Chile and president of Vinnova S.A. enterprise oriented to the development of research programs and innovation for the industry. In 2005, he became the president of Instituto Chileno Norteamericano de Cultura as well as the first vice president of the Elective Council of the Chilean manufacturers’ association Sociedad de Fomento Fabril. In 2008, he was elected president of the Confederación de la Producción y del Comercio. Mr. Guilisasti holds a BA in history from the Universidad Católica de Chile.

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