Roberto Angelini Rossi, Chilean


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LA058 Roberto Angelini is a graduate in civil engineering from the Universidad Católica de Chile. He is chairman of AntarChile S.A., which functions as the holding company for the interests of Grupo Angelini. One of the largest business conglomerates in South America, the company holds major investments in various industrial, forestry, fishery, and energy concerns. The Angelini family businesses began in the 1950s, when brothers Anacleto and Gino Angelini arrived in Chile from Italy and started several ventures. Roberto Angelini, Gino’s son, began his professional career when he joined the group in 1976 as a fish plant engineer. At present, he is president and board member of the main companies of the group. In addition, his commitment to the region extends beyond his business activities to his involvement in several foundations that support socio-economic development in Chile, particularly encouraging scientific and technological research, education enhancement, and innovation in social housing quality.

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