Latin American focused oral history program

The oral history program is a key resource for research on Latin American business history. Beginning in December 2007, the portion of the Harvard Business School business history team that specializes in South America has interviewed 21 leading business practitioners from Argentina and Chile. The interviews are a valuable resource for research on the business history of Argentina and Chile since the 1960s.

Oral history provides a way of recording individual experiences that are not captured in written documents and, as such, are at risk of being lost. It also supplies contextual and personal information not available elsewhere. Oral history is, therefore, an essential tool in preserving the memories and testimonies of leading business practitioners in the region.

All the interviews are audio recordings with Spanish and English transcripts. Excerpts from these interviews are included in this web guide. The collection of oral history interviews are part of Baker Library Historical Collections, Harvard Business School. Please contact Baker Library Historical Collections at to receive a full copy of the transcript.

The Latin American Business Oral History Collection is owned by the President and Fellows of Harvard College (Harvard University). It is being provided solely for the purpose of teaching or individual research. Any other use - including commercial reuse, mounting on other systems, or other forms of redistribution - requires permission of the Harvard Business School.