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All of the images in this gallery come from the historical collections of Baker Library at Harvard Business School. They are some of the many artifacts in the library that bring the historic events of the South Sea Bubble to life.

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Des waerelds doen en doolen, is maar een mallemoolen

Merry go round

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"Des waerelds doen en doolen, is maar een mallemoolen," Muller Number 38 from Het Groote Tafereel der Dwaasheid, [Amsterdam? : s.n.], 1720.

The title of this Dutch engraving roughly translates to "The actions and designs of the world go round as if in a mill." It is one of seventy-four plates in a remarkable volume of poems, plays, financial history, and engraved images that was published in 1720 as a record of the speculative mania that swept through England and the Continent. You may read more about Het Groote Tafereel der Dwaasheid, or The Great Mirror of Folly or view all seventy-four plates from this book.