Historical Returns

Historical Returns

About Historical Returns

Historical Returns is an exploration of the connections between historical events or ideas and their modern counterparts. The goal is to utilize the historical collections of Harvard Business School's Baker Library to stimulate thought and discussion, and to bring the relevance of history to bear on contemporary thought and action. Topics are framed to encourage reflection and to invite questions, rather than answer them.

The presentation is geared toward a general audience. All resources included are open to the general public. The focal point is a short movie that compares an event or idea from the past with a similar contemporary occurrence. Additional resources are available for further investigation of the subject.


  • Project manager: Karen Bailey, Historical Collections, Baker Library
  • Production manager: Carla Tishler, Baker Library Information Products
  • Information architecture: Ben Dubrovsky, Baker Library Information Products
  • Web design: Eleanor Bradshaw Fine Design
  • Web production and product design: Melissa Clarke and Ben Dubrovsky, Baker Library Information Products

  • Mary Lee Kennedy, Executive Director, Baker Library
  • Laura Linard, Director, Historical Collections, Baker Library
  • Melissa Shaffer, Managing Director, Baker Library Information Products

This series is supported by the de Gaspé Beaubien Family Endowment at Harvard Business School.

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