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Kress Library Publications List

*Please note that this list includes only titles that are currently available. All other publications from the Kress Library are currently out of print.

No. 6 $20.00 The Great Mirror of Folly (Het Groote Tafereel der Dwaasheid): An Economic-Bibliographical Study, by Arthur H. Cole, 1949. Full text available online.
No. 7 $20.00 Du Pont de Nemours on the Dangers of Inflation: An Address by Pierre Samuel du Pont, 1790, translated by Edmond E. Lincoln, 1950.
No. 8 $20.00 The Handicrafts of France as Recorded in the Descriptions des Arts et Métiers, 1761-1788, by Arthur H. Cole and George B. Watts, 1952.
No. 9 $20.00 An Essay of Drapery, 1635, by William Scott, introductory essay by Sylvia L. Thrupp, 1953.
No. 10 $20.00 The Humanitarians and the Ten Hour Movement in England, by Raymond G. Cowherd, 1956.
No. 11 $20.00 The Marchants Aviso, by John Browne, 1589, edited by Patrick McGrath, 1957.
No. 12 $20.00 The Historical Development of Economic and Business Literature, by Arthur H. Cole, 1957.
No. 14 $20.00 Sir Josiah Child, Merchant Economist, with a reprint of "Brief Observations Concerning Trade, and Interest in Money," by William Letwin, 1959.
No. 15 $20.00 The Development of London Livery Companies: An Historical Essay and a Select Bibliography, by W. F. Kahl, 1960.
No. 16 $20.00 Resources for the Study of Economic History: A Preliminary Guide, compiled by Dorothea D. Reeves, 1961.
No. 17 $20.00 The South Sea Company: An Historical and Bibliographical Finding List, by John G. Sperling, 1962. Full text available online.
No. 18 $20.00 The Waldstein Wollen Mill: Noble Entrepreneurship in Eighteenth-Century Bohemia, by H. Freudenberger, 1963.
No. 20 $20.00 Non-Ricardian Political Economy: Five Neglected Contributions, by Barry J. Gordon, 1967.
No. 21 $20.00 The History of Söderfors Anchor-Works (1791), translated by Lars-Erik Hedin, with introductions by Fritz Redlich and Lars-Erik Hedin, 1970.
No. 23 $20.00 Dialogue in Political Economy: Translations from and into German in the 13th Century, by K. E. Carpenter, 1977.
No. 24 $20.00 A Bibliography of George Poulett Scrope: Geologist, Economist and Local Historian, by Paul Sturges, 1984.
$10.00 Coin and Conscience: Popular Views of Money, Credit, and Speculation: Sixteenth through Nineteenth Centuries. Catalog of an Exhibition of Prints from the Arnold and S. Bleichroeder Collection, Kress Library of Business and Economics, compiled by Ruth R. Rogers, 1986. A permanent online exhibition, based on this publication, is available online.
$30.00 Italian Economic Literature in the Kress Library, 1475-1850, compiled by P. Barucci and K. Carpenter, in collaboration with A. Calcagni Abrami and R. Reinstein Rogers, 1985. 2 vols. Shipping, $10.00.

Ordering Kress Library Publications

Publications are paper-bound and are $20.00 each, except where noted. Shipping is $5.00 per publication, except where noted. Advance payment is required. Purchases will be shipped by US Postal Service. Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

To make a purchase by check or money order, please print out the Kress Library Publications Order Form and mail with check or money order payable to "Harvard University" to:

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To find out more about a publication, please contact the Historical Collections reference staff.

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