Abbreviations Commonly Used In the Credit Reports of the R.G. Dun & Co. Collection

The R.G. Dun & Co. Collection consists of 2,580 volumes of handwritten credit reports on individuals and firms from the United States and abroad. Professor Robert C. Kenzer of the University of Richmond (Virginia) compiled the following list of common abbreviations used in the credit reports.

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A to C 
@ to
+c etc.
oof nothing
abt abt
a/c account
acqd acquainted
ae age
amt amount
ans answer
atten/attent attentive
bn been
bot bought
bs/bus business
c hundred
cap/capl capital
capcy capacity
char character
circums circumstances
cl clear
clms claims
colls collections
colr collector
cmcd/comd commenced
confecty confectionary
confid confidence
consid considered
corr correspondent
cr/cred credit
crim criminal
crs creditors
D to Hback to top
dbtful doubtful
dg dry goods
dg doing
discpcy/discrep discrepancy
dissd dissolved
dlgs dealings
embarr embarrassment
embard embarrassed
enc encumbrance
endeav endeavor
engd engaged
entd entitled
ew estimated worth
est/estim estimated
fm firm
fm from
fr fair
gd good
groc grocery
gs general store
hab/habs/hbts habits
hnble/honble/honorb honorable
ho house
hon honest
I to Nback to top
int interest
intemp intemperate
judgt/judmt judgment
kn known
kp keep
lawy lawyer
legis legislature
liabs liabilities
m thousand
mard/marrd/md married
MC Member of Congress
memb member
mer merchant
mns means
mo month
mod moderate
mort/mtg mortgage
NC No Change
nesly necessarily
nr near
O to Sback to top
opp opposite
perfl perfectly
perppy personal property
physn physician
postd posted
possn possession
ppy property
practe practices
prob probably
promt prompt
prop property
pros/prosp prospects
prosp prosperous
R/RE Real Estate
recommd recommended
regl regular
reliab reliable
rept report
reptn reputation
respons responsible
sec section
sf safe
shd should
showg showing
sm/sml small
solvt solvent
stck/stk stock
std stand
sto store
suc succeeded
suffct sufficient
suppd supposed
suspd suspended
T to Zback to top
thk think
thot thought
trustwy trustworthy
unmard unmarried
v/vy very
vis visible
w/wo/wor/wy worth
Washton Washington
wh which
yng/yg young
yr year