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Description: A powerful, and easy-to-use search and analytic web portal for SEC filings.

Database includes all SEC filings since 2001. Each paragraph of an SEC filing is treated as a separate document, enabling one to quickly search by keyword or phrase or other criteria. There are more than 1,000 pre-programmed search strings. One may also search a current filing of a company and use a "Compare" or "Finding similar paragraphs" tool to learn of revisions from the previous filing.

Other unique features include:

  • Topic Identification - WordsAnalytics standardizes vocabulary to make it easy to search on a specific topic (ex: bankruptcy, poison pills, clinical trials) across all SEC filings.
  • Most Discussed Topics -find out the most discussed topics in an SEC filing.
  • Sentiment Analytics - search for documents by number of positive or negative paragraphs.
  • Risk Analytics - Search by mentions of specific risk factors
  • Ability to filter by financial metrics, such as market cap.

See the help section for videos demonstrating features and for other search and analytical capabilities.

Content Type: Company Financials & Filings, Company Information

Subject: Companies, Fundamentals, Mergers And Acquisitions


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