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Research Insight/Compustat

Description: Research Insight is a front-end to Standard & Poor's Compustat and Global Vantage data.

It provides financial statement information (income statement, balance sheet, and cash flows) from publicly traded firms both active and inactive. Research Insight is a Windows-based front-end to 20 years of Compustat data and 10 years of Global Vantage (the international database within Compustat) data, and allows for screening, report generation, and custom variable creation. For a longer historical time series of data, see Compustat for WRDS access.

What does this database offer?

  • Twenty years of U.S. and Canadian public company financial statement data and monthly closing stock prices
  • Access to GlobalVantage (10 years of financial data for companies in more than 80 countries including the U.S.)
  • Quarterly and annual income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements
  • Compustat reconfigures some of the data for enhanced consistency and transparency, so that Compustat data do not always match as-reported data in SEC filings and corporate reports. Research Insight has a Windows desktop application as well as a direct link via Excel (the Excel link option offers customized reporting applications)
  • Use screening to create a list of companies by defined criteria as well as pulling up data in pre-formatted or custom reports covering multiple companies at a point in time or data items for a single company over time
  • A more extensive archive of Compustat and Global Vantage data is available in the WRDS database
  • Find out more on their Web site

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Authorized Harvard students, faculty, and staff only may request vendor-provided help desk contact information for this database at the Stamps Reading Room Service Desk.

Content Type: Company Financials & Filings

Subject: Companies, Credit Ratings, Fundamentals, Equities


  • Current HU faculty, students, and staff

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