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Global Insight (formerly DRI)

Description: Comprehensive coverage of U.S. financial, economic, and industry data.

This database presents a selection of historical time-series data on the U.S. economy from federal agencies and private organizations. The Data Release section provides detailed analysis of 45 U.S. economic data releases, surveys, and Federal Reserve events. Analysis is available within hours of the release, and evaluates the implications of the new data for the economy and the likely impact on Global Insight's forecast. Note:The best way to extract data through the native application is to click on DataInsight Web under Data Applications.

This database is also available through WRDS. Note: The WRDS description is for premium access, we have the basic, which is U.S. data.

Where can I find U.S. macroeconomic data (e.g., CPI, GDP, economic indicators)?

Where can I find information on consumer confidence?

Content Type: Country Statistics, Financial Markets Data, Industry Information & Statistics, WRDS

Subject: Demographic Characteristics, Economics


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