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Audit Analytics

Description: Provides audit, regulatory and disclosure intelligence in order to track, analyze, benchmark and understand public company disclosure issues and trends.

Note: Our current subscription ends on October 3, 2015 and there are no plans to renew.
Accessible via WRDS, Audit Analytics allows users to track issues related to governance, corporate actions, and federal litigation for all SEC registrants (including foreign and Canadian filers).

The Corporate + Legal module focuses on actions, disclosures, and correspondence by companies, advisors, regulators, and investors. Datasets include: SEC Comment Letters, Litigation database, Bankruptcy database, and Shareholder Activism Database.

Content Type: Company Financials & Filings, WRDS

Subject: Companies, Fundamentals


  • Current HU faculty, students, and staff

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  • HU undergraduates may use WRDS in the Financial Databases Room.

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