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Description: Statistical database from the International Monetary Fund.

  • Balance of Payment Statistics
    Time series for balance of payments and international investments. Data are at country, region and world levels going back to 1948.
  • Direction of Trade Statistics
    Value of merchandise exports and imports between each country and its trading partners from 1980 to the present.
  • Government Finance Statistics
    Database contains the economic time series appearing in the Government finance statistics yearbook (GFSY) publication. Includes data observations expressed in scientific notation.
  • International Financial Statistics
    Statistical database containing country financial data (exchange rates, foreign exchange, SDRs, money supply, capital supply, commodities, etc.) dating back to 1948.
  • IMF eLibrary Data Help and Guide
  • Content Type: Country Statistics

    Subject: Commodities, Interest Rates, Balance Of Payments, Countries, Exchange Rates


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