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Which catalog to use?

  • Intuitive search and display
  • Defaults to relevance ranking. Sorting by date is an option.
  • Suggests related terms, alternative spellings and other ways to refine or expand your search
  • Forgiving search interface, relevence ranking and inclusion of tables of contents make it best for discovering what is available.
  • Relevance ranking makes it good for finding known items with imprecise information (eg: the journal, Science).
  • Supports string (phrase) searching
  • Allows emailing of selected records
  • More display options for print/save/send
  • Best for precision searches for known items.
  • Use to search in non-roman alphabets.
  • Most up to date information. Use for new titles.

More about the new HOLLIS

Basic Search

  • Default search operator is AND. Can use OR or NOT (Can also use "-" to exclude a term). Use all capitals for Boolean operators
  • Can do nested searching: anxiety (children OR adolescents).
  • The system does not recognize phrases, even within quotation marks. Browse (String) Search is not available in the system.
  • For better precision, include more words or use Advanced Search to limit retrieval of search terms in author, title, or subject. Other field searches can be done in Basic Search using these commands:
ISBN isbn:9780374275495
Publisher publisher: "wiley" Quotes are necessary!
Publication Place publisherplace:milwaukee
Series series:"lecture notes in mathematics" Quotes are necessary!
Record (HOLLIS) Number bibno:000131678 or bibno:131678

Word Variants

  • The system expands a search by retrieving spelling variants and other terms with the same stem: disobediance also retrieves disobedience; adolescent also retrieves adolescents, adolescence.
  • Results that include the exact term(s) searched are ranked higher than those with the additional terms used to expand the search.
  • Use quotation marks around a search term to turn off automatic stemming and word variants. "Adolescent" does not retrieve adolescents or adolescence.


  • Default sort is by relevance. Can be resorted by year (ascending or descending) or author
  • The word cloud contains words that the system determines are closely related to the term(s) you searched.
  • Size of font of cloud term indicates relevance.
  • Distance or direction of cloud term from the center of the cloud has no significance.

More Help

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