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Use of Licensed Databases for Field Studies and Internships

Vendors sell Harvard Business School access to their databases at rates that reflect a deep discount compared to what a commercial enterprise would pay. Information providers sell us this content on our contractual guarantee that we will use the data strictly for academic or research purposes. Field studies and internships are part of the academic program at HBS. Therefore, MBA students may use Baker's licensed databases for their own analysis in conjunction with these programs, but must follow these guidelines:

  • In your written communication with colleagues, you may excerpt only insignificant portions of reports, articles, and other documents for distribution to company employees or anyone else (i.e., do not email data, entire documents, or reports to others at the company).
  • Never allow others direct access to Baker Library resources (i.e., do not share your password with anyone).
  • Always attribute accurately and completely all data and excerpts you include in your reports. For recommended guidelines, see the HBS Citation Guide.

Capital IQ is an exception to the above guidelines. Capital IQ does not allow its database to be used at all with outside organizations, and cuts off MBA access to the database in the summer.

WRDS also cuts off access to MBA accounts during the summer.

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