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Current and historical financial information on individual equities, stock market indices, fixed-income securities, currencies, commodities, and futures for both international and domestic markets.
  • Current HBS faculty, students, and staff in the Exchange
  • Authorized Baker visitors in the Stamps Reading Room

Compact Disclosure (Compact D/SEC)

Selected financial information found in the SEC filings of U.S. publicly traded companies.
  • Current HU faculty, students, and staff in Baker
  • Authorized Baker visitors

Corporate Affiliations (Historical Edition)

Company hierarchies, executives, board, and brands of U.S. public companies, U.S. private companies and some international public companies.
  • HBS intranet
  • Authorized Baker visitors


A comprehensive platform used to analyze financial data from global equity and fixed income markets, and public and private companies.
  • Current HU faculty, staff, and students.
  • Individual accounts required

FactSet Ownership

FactSet Ownership provides global institutional, mutual fund, stakeholder, and float-related share ownership information.
  • Current HU faculty, students, and staff


Provides financial data and corporate filings for publicly listed companies around the globe.
  • HU PIN
  • Authorized Baker visitors


Database of the financials of Indian companies.
  • HU PIN

Thomson ONE

Features market quotes, earnings estimates, financial fundamentals, press releases, transaction data, corporate filings, ownership profiles and research from Thomson Financial.
  • HBS intranet
  • Authorized Baker visitors

Thomson Research (See Thomson ONE)

  • HBS intranet
  • Authorized Baker visitors

Thomson Reuters Ownership Databases

Data on stock ownership by institutions, other major holders and insiders.
  • Current HU faculty, students, and staff

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